Rax King: Food Writer Sends Lingerie, Topless Photos for Every Black Lives Matter Donation, Raises $27,000

Rax King, a food writer, raised nearly $27,000, by trading nudes and lingerie photos for donations made to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Food writer Rax King is exchanging nudes for donations to community fundraisers supporting the Black Lives Matter protests, which have erupted across the country following the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed after a Mineapolis police officer pinned him down with his knee over his neck.

Nudes for Donations

Rax King
Rax King. Twitter / Rax King

According to King, she and her friend Sabrina have raised nearly $27,000 in donations for a number of organizations supporting protesters expressing their anger over the former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin's use of excessive force on Floyd's neck, suffocating him for nearly nine minutes last week.

Protesters have swarmed cities including Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles over the past week, expressing her solidarity with the Black community. King announced that if her followers donated $50 to a fundraiser listed by her and sent her the receipt, she would send them a picture of herself in lingerie.

Rax King
Rax King Twitter / Rax King

For a $200 donation, they get a topless photo of King. And as you would expect, the Brooklyn-based writer and her friend raised thousands of dollars within hours.

In the first hour, King posted an update that the donations had crossed $1,300 and by the 4 p.m. deadline she set, the duo raised a collective total of $27,688 for organizations that included the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the Black Visions Collective, and Reclaim the Black, all working towards racial injustices faced by African Americans in the country.

Sex Workers Join the Cause

King inspired sex workers to use their platforms to raise funds for the non-profit organizations. A 33-year-old sex worker, known as SpookyFatBrat, told Insider she wanted to use her large following to raise money for organizers arrested for protesting in Minneapolis.

"As a collective, we can not just sit back and RT hashtags we have to be active about fighting white supremacy and police brutality," Spookyfatbrat told Insider. "We have to put our money where our mouths are and show support and solidarity."

A St Louis-based gay porn star, Joey Mills, also told his followers on Sunday, May 31, that all of his earnings over the next two days would be donated to bailing out protesters in Minneapolis. He managed to earn over $1,200, and donated it all to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.