Rapper Uzzy Marcus' Brother Suspect in Grisly Murder of 2 Women; Livestreams Gory Scene on IG Live [GRAPHIC]

The graphic livestream showed the suspect waving a handgun and standing over two naked women covered in blood on the floor of an apartment in Vacaville, California.

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Rapper Uzzy Marcus's brother killed two women before live-streaming the bloody aftermath on Instagram on Saturday, Jan 30.

Raymond Michael Weber, 29, was arrested by Vacaville police after officers received a call from a woman to report an armed man inside an apartment. The woman said the man had live-streamed himself on social media from inside the apartment.

'These B*tches Set Me Up'

Raymond Michael Weber
Stills from Weber's graphic live-stream shows him smoking a cigarette and waving a handgun while his victims lie lifeless on the floor. YouTube

Weber was arrested inside the apartment after the livestream showed him carrying a handgun with two women lying lifeless on the floor. The graphic footage shows the victims, naked, covered in blood and at one point, he removes the magazine from the handgun before showing to the camera that it is empty.

Weber can be repeatedly heard saying, "these b*tches tried to set me up" and "Uzzy Marcus tried to set me up." Uzzy Marcus, Weber's brother, is a local rapper and who has been trying to make a name for himself in the industry and resorts to social media to talk about music. His recent Instagram videos hint that he has a new single on the horizon.

At one point, Weber even kneels over the seemingly dead bodies and checks one of the victim's pulse as he says, "this b*tch still alive." He then turns off the lights and is heard searching for a lighter before he lights his cigarette using a toaster in the kitchen. Shortly after, the livestream ends.

The video has since been pulled from Instagram but World Star Hip Hop managed to get their hands on the footage. WARNING: The video is extremely graphic in nature. Viewer Discretion is advised:

Weber's Arrest and Rap Sheet

According to a statement released by the Vacaville police department, when officers arrived at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments, they found Weber had barricaded himself inside, prompting them to mobilize the SWAT Team and Critical Incident Negotiation Team, However, negotiation attempts were unsuccessful.

The other units in the apartment complex were evacuated and distraction devices as well as chemical agents were used in a bid to get the man to surrender. Eventually, officers entered the apartment and found Weber hiding inside. Following a brief struggle and the use of a taser, he was taken into custody.

Raymond Michael Weber
Raymond Michael Weber Vacaville Police Department

Officers found the two victims inside the apartment. The cause of their death, as well as the motive behind their murder is not yet clear and remains under investigation. The victims' identities have also been withheld until their family members have been notified.

At the time of his arrest, officers learned that Weber was wanted for an outstanding warrant for various felonies including domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon.