At the first trial for T.O.P's marijuana case which took place on June 29, at 11.30 a.m. KST, the rapper and actor pleaded guilty to all charges brought against him. The Seoul Central District Court has given him a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for two years of probation.

Website Koraboo reports that Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, accepted all the charges made against him in his marijuana case saying, "I admit to everything." As noted by website Soompi, the singer-songwriter and actor was accused of illegally smoking marijuana four times with a female trainee at his home in Seoul last October. He admitted to marijuana use, twice in liquid form and twice to smoking the substance.

The prosecution demanded a two-year probation period and a 10-month prison term if he violates his probation term within that period. So, he's not going to jail, for now.

Following his trial, T.O.P revealed, "I have been suffering from depression for a very long time. I made a wrong decision and made a mistake that I cannot turn back. This happened all in the span of one week. That week is the worst time of my life and I regret it sincerely and deeply. I am ashamed of myself and will willingly take any form of punishment."

The rapper was quite stressed following charges of smoking marijuana, sources close to him had stated. On the morning of June 6, he was found unconscious and was rushed to Ewha Woman's University Mokdong Hospital, suspected of a drug overdose. Around 5 p.m. KST, he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit from the Emergency room (ER). This happened shortly after he was expelled from the military police division due to the marijuana use charges. He was moved to a different hospital following his gaining consciousness and appears to have recovered.

As for the female trainee, Han So-hee received four years of probation with a three-year prison sentence if she commits a repeat offense during that period. She was to receive a second trial. Koreaboo reports that her sentence is now the exact same as T.O.P, with added drug counselling for the use of LSD.

"Han Seo Hee was arrested for smuggling and buying cannabis along with LSD. She even smoked marijuana even after she was arrested. However, she acknowledges all her mistakes and crimes so that's why we decided to sentence her to probation," the prosecutor's office said.