T.O.P drug overdose: Actor has begun using his Instagram account once again

Fans are happy that T.O.P has begun interacting socially again.

Big Bang's T.O.P instagram.com/choi_seung_hyun_tttop

There is good news for T.O.P fans and well wishers. The rapper and actor has started using his Instagram account again.

Website Koreaboo notes that T.O.P had liked a particular post made by Brazilian dancer named Amaury Soares at around 10:00 p.m. KST, yesterday. The post is a black and white photo of the dancer with a quote from Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho.

The quote says "Imagine uma nova história para sua vida e acredite nela." In English it reads, "Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it." The lines are from Coelho's 1996 novel 'The Fifth Mountain.'

Fans were very happy that T.O.P was interacting again. One Instagram user called janasutti commented on the same post, "@choi_seung_hyun_tttop I am very happy to see that you are starting to interact again, I love you very much and I wish you health and a lot of strength, and @amaurysoares_ thank you for bringing this sentence and for it to have reached the heart of T.O.P ... success for you."

Koreaboo notes fans are now speculating that the rapper liked the dancer's post because of the quote itself and how it might relate to his life now. Coelho asks us to imagine a "new story" for our lives and "believe in it." Hopefully, T.O.P means to imply that he is looking forward to a new beginning in life; away from any misfortunes, depressions or scandals that recently plagued him and drove him to the verge of death.

T.O.P has been accused of smoking marijuana, illegal in South Korea, with a female trainee named Han So-hee. On June 6 T.O.P was found semi-conscious and was rushed to Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, suspected of tranquilizer drug overdose. He was moved to a different hospital on June 9, following his gaining consciousness. On his way out, the rapper told reporters he was sorry.

T.O.P still has to face trial on illegal drug use charges at the Seoul Central Court on June 29. The rapper will have to officially announce whether he is guilty or not. The female trainee, Han So-hee has been sentenced to 4 years probation for her crimes.

This article was first published on June 17, 2017