Rapper Gonzoe: Tupac Shakur's Friend Runs into Gas Station After Being Shot, Collapses and Dies

Tupac's Rapper Friend Gonzoe Reportedly Shot Dead in Seattle

Los Angeles rapper Gonzoe, who is known to be rapper Tupac's close friend, has been shot and killed in Seattle. Cops are looking for the gunman who is still at large. Gonzoe, 45, whose real name is Ronald Moore, was a member of the Outlawz. He was a close affiliate of Tupac until his death in 1996.

According to reports, after being shot three times, Gonzoe ran to a Shell gas station that was nearby in the city where he collapsed. He was then rushed to the nearest local hospital where he later died. Reports say that he was shot while he was still driving as police officials found a vehicle riddled with bullets in the area nearby.

Gonzoe, who was nicknamed by Tupac, was also a member of the '90s rap group Kausion, which was supported by Ice Cube. The group's debut album, "South Central Los Skanless," landed at #37 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

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On his tragic death, fellow Pac collaborator C-Bo paid tribute to his friend on Instagram Friday night. He posted a throwback video of the two sharing drinks and wrote, "RIP my Loc Gonzo I hate to see the repeated cycle of killing those that finally have made a change in their life for the better smh fuck the shooter!!!! Buster must couldn't fight. I wish the family and kids the best !!!! #RIPGONZO."

In another post, C-Bo said, "I hate these young weak boys think the gun is the way still till they getting raped in prison hang they self or jump off the 3rd to 5th tiers yeah shit is realer in prison then the streets so if you a bitch out here smh you gone be somebody's bitch in there period."

Many of his fans couldn't believe the incident and were shocked to learn about his tragic demise. One said, "Nah main this ain't real......." while a second fan said, "What the Fluck Man,,,,Incredibly sad stuff." A third fan wrote, "R.I.P. Gonzoe, he was a really cool guy every time I met him"

On the work front, Gonzoe had recently started a boxing league, where he fought rapper Boskoe100 back in April. He finished in a draw during a fight that Snoop Dogg commentated on. The rapper was reportedly working on numerous business deals after the high-profile fight.