Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Confesses His True Love on Twitter

For years, fans have been speculating about the love life of Harry Potter stars including Tom Felton's girlfriend. The actor has often been paired romantically with his co-star Emma Watson, who played the famous fictional character Hermione Jean Granger in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

However, Felton seems to have just confessed his love in a social media post, not for Watson but for Willow. Now, you might be wondering who this Willow is.

Well, it's not Will Smith's daughter for sure either. Felton made his great love public with a beautiful love letter. "Every day is better because she's in the world," Felton wrote to his cute dog, whose name is Willow.

Felton celebrated his cute black dog's birthday this month as the pet turned three years old. The Harry Potter star, 33, confessed that he could no longer imagine a life without Willow. And no wonder, who could resist this cute faithful dog. Moreover, most of Felton's Twitter post is about his pet, which reveals that he is too close to Willow.

Here's the Twitter post:

It seems Felton fell in love at first sight with his pet. When the actor drove home with Willow, she climbed from the passenger seat onto his lap. Taking to his official Instagram handle, Felton wrote even then: "I love her".

Tom Felton

Tom Felton and Emma Watson's Relationship

A few years ago, actress Emma Watson during an interview with a leading magazine said she had a Felton crush. "During the shooting of the first two films, I had a total crush on Tom Felton, he was my first crush," Watson said. However, their teenage love never turned into adult love. "We are really good friends and that's cool," the on-screen Hermoine said.

Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy Poses a Fun Question to Twilight Fans

Tom Felton, who played the famous Draco Malfoy in all the Harry Potter movies, has been stirring up some nostalgic feels on social media lately. The actor directed an interesting question to those folks who have spent countless hours dedicating their lives to two of the biggest movie franchises ever - "Harry Potter" and "Twilight".

"Draco vs Alice ...... who would win?" Felton teased his fans alongside a photo of him and Ashley Greene, who played the fictional character Alice Cullen in the Twilight series.

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