Racist Woman Refuses to Get Hair Done by Hispanic Assistant, Gets Kicked Out of Salon by Owner

The client even attempted to take a swing at the stylist before she was kicked out of the establishment.

A video of a woman getting thrown out of a hair salon by the owner after disrespecting her Latino assistant is being widely circulated on social media.

Sharon Spellman, the owner of Simply Insane Hair, in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, shared the footage recorded by her security camera on Instagram along with a caption explaining the turn of events.

Spellman said she was doing a simple root touch-up job on the client, identified as Robin, when she mentioned that her Hispanic assistant would be finishing it up. Despite this being a common practice at hair salons, Robin took offense and started being disrespectful towards Spellman and her assistant.

'I'm Not Paying Her, I'm Paying You'

Sharon Spellman
A still from the video shared by Sharon Spellman on Instagram. Instagram

"It's me, I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable," Spellman tells Robin in the viral video.

"I'm not paying her, I'm paying you," she responds to the stylist, who tries to reassure her that her assistant is highly trained and will do an equally good job.

Robin then threatens to leave halfway through the session. "You have half your color on, and you're going to talk to me like that?" she asks.

'Robin, Get the F*ck Out'

As Robin becomes increasingly agitated, Spellman tells her not to speak to her so disrespectfully, at which point Robin lunges forward and threatens to assault her.

"Robin, get the f*ck out," Spellman says, immediately ushering her client out of the chair. Robin then realizes her mistake, apologizes and uses "stress" as an excuse to justify her behavior. But, Spellman was not having any of it and asks her to leave with her hair, half done. Watch the video below:

Repeat Offender

After the video went viral, Spellman went on Instagram Live to clarify that this wasn't the first time Robin treated people in her salon with disrespect.

"She has been my client for like a year and a half, two years now. And she was the client in the salon, prior to me working at the salon, that was getting passed around because nobody could handle her energies," she said. "She would sometimes kind of be out of line towards other people in the salon, and I would look at her, and I would be like, 'Robin, that's not very nice. We can't talk to people that way.'"

But Spellman said that with her assistant, Alex, she felt that Robin crossed the line into racism. "She judged her from the jump," he said, noting other times Robin made disrespectful comments about minorities, specifically Mexican people.