'Racist' Woman Falsely Accuses Black Man of Stealing her Phone After Misplacing It, Finds It In Her Own Bag [VIDEO]

A video of a woman accusing a black man of stealing her cellphone at a Spencer's is being widely circulated on social media.

The video, filmed by the black man, starts off with the woman giving her number to the store employee so he can call her number in an attempt to find her phone. The text overlay in the video reads, "Karen really pulled this at a Spencer's. r@cism alive and well."

'He Could've Turned Off the Ringer'

racist Karen
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

"Well, he could've turned off the ringer," the woman tells the employee, referring to the black man.

"Oh my god! What do you want me to get f-cking naked, lady?" the woman accompanying the black man snaps back at the "Karen," prompting the employee to ask everyone to remain calm.

"I really need my phone back," the woman says as she continues to look through her bag. The black man then empties his pockets and offers to get patted down to justify his case that he did not steal the woman's phone.

The employee once again asks the woman for her phone number but she accuses the black man of switching her phone to silent mode.

'You Walked Right Behind Me and You Took It'

The woman claims she had kept her phone in the front pocket of her tote and that the black man was walking right behind her.

"I just snuck it right here and you walked right behind me and you took it," the woman is heard saying.

The woman then uses the employee's phone to dial her number and her phone starts to ring. Turns out, the device was in her purse the whole time.

"Is it in your purse, ma'am?" the woman behind the camera asks. "It is, I'm sorry," the "Karen" replies before repeatedly apologizing to the pair.

Social Media Reactions

The video has since gone viral with nearly 40,000 views and hundreds of comments from users who not only slammed the woman over her "racist" behavior but also pointed out that the "Karen" spotted her phone in her purse earlier and was just pretending to look for it.

"She accused a Black man of stealing her phone. Her racist ass knows damn well she saw the phone in her purse at the beginning of the video," wrote one user.

"Notice how when the cashier offers to call her phone she stopped in the middle of giving her the number and says "WELL he could've turned off the ringer," commented another. "She knew the WHOLE time. That's why she didn't want to give the number."

"She wasn't even trying to look. She was so sure he had taken it which says a lot considering it was right on top. She wanted her accusation to be true more than she wanted her phone," yet another opined.