Racist Woman Berates Black Security Guard on Metro Over His Education, Calls Him the N-Word [VIDEO]

The woman hurled racial slurs at the security officer on board the light rail after being told her travel pass wasn't valid.

A video of a white woman insulting a black security guard over his education before calling him a racial slur on the Valley Metro Rail in Arizona has sparked outrage on social media.

The clip was shared by Instagram user Steven J along with a caption stating that he was on his way to work on the light rail when the incident took place.

"I was riding the light rail on my way to work and the security officer who checks to see if you have valid fair to ride," he wrote. "The woman in the video is asked for hers and it's not valid and the officer lets her know it's not for today. She gets angry and throws it at him and she claims she had another pass, which also happened to be invalid because it wasn't validated."

The security officer then tells her that she needs to step off the train at the next stop and get her pass validated or purchase a new one. This is when she starts getting mad and argues with the security officer about having to wait in the heat for 20 minutes for the next train before telling the man to educate himself.

"You Need to Get an Education'

Racist Karen,
A still from the video shared by Steven J on Instagram Instagram

"You need to get an education," she can be heard telling him, to which the officer responds, "I have one."

"No, you don't or you wouldn't be working for $10 an hour for a bus company, you n*gger," the woman yells as other passengers express their shock over her racist remark.

"Oh no, you're not going to do that," the user can be heard saying to the woman. "You're not going to call somebody that word. I don't care who it is." The woman then turns her attention towards the user and calls him the N-word.

'I Went to Stanford and UC Berkeley'

The woman then goes on a rant, bragging about her education. "ASU (Arizona State University) is a sh*thole. I went to Stanford and UC Berkeley. I have a Masters," she says to the user, who is wearing an ASU shirt, before adding that she speaks nine languages.

"If you spoke nine languages, you wouldn't be riding on this train," Steven replies. She then becomes hostile towards a passenger seated nearby after he tells her to maintain social distance and stand further away from him.

The video ends as the train comes to a halt and the woman exits the locomotive yelling, "There's only n*ggers in this goddamn train." Watch the full video below: