Racist Woman Accuses Black Dogwalker of 'Trespassing' Because She Thinks She Doesn't Live There [VIDEO]

The black woman was walking her dog outside her home when the "Karen" approached her and asked her if she lived there.

A video of a racist white woman harassing a black woman walking her dog and accusing her of trespassing on private property because she thinks she doesn't belong to the neighborhood is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, captioned "Racist Karen Harasses Me," was shared on Instagram by G'bassa D'Costa, who says she was walking her dog outside her house when the woman pulled up on her in her car and started asking her if she lived nearby.

D'Costa, a television executive and a real estate investor, says she refused to respond to the woman because she did not want to "engage ignorant people," prompting the woman to start filming her so she pulled out her cellphone and started recording as well.

'This is Private Property'

Racist Karen
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Instagram

"Here we go with the harassment," D'Costa starts off by saying in the clip before walking up to the woman, calling her a "racist Karen."

"Excuse me, not racist ma'am, this is private property," the woman responds before pointing to a "No Trespassing" sign. "You're trespassing," the woman can be heard saying.

D'Costa then tells the woman to call the cops, which she claims she already did. The woman then tries to justify herself by saying "this has nothing to do with racism" before asking D'Costa if she lives there.

"You are not on public property," the woman says before getting back into her vehicle as the video ends. Watch the clip below:

"These people have to understand People with melanin have [money] and often more than they have," D'Costa wrote in her caption. "We are educated, strategic and POPPIN'' and we WILL LIVE ANYWHERE WE WANT! I own lots of Real Estate and they need to stop looking at people with 1950's glasses....They need to learn to look at people as humans who might be able to help them!!! They need to stop being mad & Jealous that a person of color who's younger than them can AFFORD IT!"

"This is exactly how bad things happen to blacks-it starts just like this," commented one user on the video, while another wrote, "Who in the hell is she to question you & have the nerve to call police & harass you?!! This is a crime-stalking & disturbing the peace of another. Drag that witch to court!