Racist Man Harasses People at Silent Vigil, Gets Thrown Out of Restaurant He's a Regular at [VIDEO]

The man was filmed hurling homophobic slurs and verbally abusing demonstrators at a vigil against racism in Huntsville, Alabama

A video of a man verbally abusing and harassing people at a silent vigil against racism in Huntsville, Alabama, is being widely circulated on social media.

According to the Reddit user who shared the video, they were having a silent "End Racism Now" vigil and were being very careful to avoid a negative interaction with people when the man in the video, who has been harassing them every day since the vigil, walked up to them in a threatening manner and started raining insults on them "unprovoked."

'You Must Not Know Who the F**k I Am'

racist alabama man
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. YouTube

The clip shows the man walking over to the demonstrators as one of them can be heard saying "don't engage him."

"You dumb mother**kers," he says as he approached them. "When Obama was the president how come they didn't take the statues down?" he asks them in a seemingly inebriated state.

"Say one f**cking stupid thing to me," he says in a threatening manner. "Keep recording because you must not know who the f**k I am."

One of the demonstrators then says something to the man (inaudible), after which he starts hurling homophobic slurs at the demonstrator.

"Come on over here, b***h," he says. "Run your f*cking d*cksucker over here."

Gets Kicked Out by Restaurant Manager

The man, described as a regular at the nearby Humphreys Bar & Grill, then turns his attention towards the restaurant's patrons who tell him to "go home" as they enter the establishment.

"Get the f**k out of here," he says to the patrons after following them inside. However, one of the restaurant's managers intervenes.

"You can't talk to our clientele like this man, I'll have you escorted out of here," the manager tells the man, who responds with, "You don't know who your clientele is. I'm your clientele."

"I'm one of the head managers here, buddy," the manager tells the man before following him out of the camera's view as the video ends. Watch the clip below: