'Racist' Couple in Oregon Call Filipino Man the N-Word, Ask Him to Go Back to His Country [VIDEO]

The video received mixed reactions in the comments with some users accusing the couple filming of "antagonizing" the white couple to film them at their worst.

A video of a white woman yelling the N-word at a Filipino man and asking him to go back to his country is being widely circulated on social media.

The footage, shared on Twitter, documents the argument which takes place between two unidentified parties in Oregon.

'Go Back to Philippines Where You Belong'

The clip starts off with the woman behind the camera telling the racist woman, "You're ridiculous," to which the woman responds with, "He lied about his mom. You know what, you little bi*ch? Are you recording me?"

The racist woman then objects to being recorded while the other side maintains is well within their rights. As pointed out by Daily Dot, Oregon law says you can record people, via audio or video, as long as they understand they are being recorded, which she did acknowledge.

Racist Oregon couple
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"This is Oregon. Maybe you should go back to the Philippines, where you belong," the white woman tells the people behind the camera before following it up with the N-word multiple times.

"This is going online," the man filming says.

"I don't care," she says as she points to a white man with tan skin wearing an olive green tee, "I call him a white [N-word] every day."

"I think you guys just wanna say the N-word," says the videographer.

A white man in an orange shirt accompanying the woman then chimes in, bragging about how their house is paid for in cash. "What about yours?," he asks the party filming. A woman in a pink hoodie then urges the man go inside the house.

"Are you happy that you've involved like the whole neighborhood?," the woman behind the camera asks the man in the olive t-shirt, who responds by saying, "You can go ahead and put me online. I don't disrespect you. I don't call you names like you do."

"You wanna flip me off?" he says before saying something about having "respect." The video ends with the couple behind the camera accusing the other side of calling them the N-word.

Watch the video below:

Social Media Reactions

The video invited mixed reactions in the comments section with some users criticizing the poster for lack of context and accused the couple filming of "antagonizing" the white couple to "get their worst responses" while the poster asserted that no context justifies racist behavior.

"This gets me angry. I recognize your ultimate goal, but videos like this are done by people looking to antagonize others to get their worst responses. If full context isn't provided you should refrain from posting. We've all had moments when we've said things we regret in anger," wrote one user.

"This is baiting people for no reason. What have you achieved? Where is the context? It's one thing to allow people to throw fits in public and video it but this appears to be throwing raw meat to the dogs for a reaction. Congratulations on being part of the problem," commented another.

The poster replied by saying, "Steven Spielberg called in sick so this cameraman is all we had on short notice. Had I known someone of your prominence would be screening the footage, I would've asked the racist to start the argument over so you can get the entire context and feel better about judging them."