Quillette Editor Ridiculed for Using Pet Shampoo, Blaming Company for Small Text on Label

Jonathan Kay said he was using dog shampoo for several months because the product's manufacturer used a small font to read "For Pets" on the label, which also included a photo of a dog.

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An editor of the right-wing outlet Quillette is getting dragged on Twitter after revealing he was inadvertently using dog shampoo for the past several months.

On Sunday, Jonathan Kay took to Twitter to reveal that he has been washing his hair with dog shampoo for several months and criticized Arm & Hammer for using a small font on the label that reads "for pets."

"So it turns out I've been using dog shampoo on my hair for the last few months. (I only discovered it when I ran out and needed to get more.)," he captioned a photo of the product. "this is partly my own fault but it doesn't help that @ArmandHammer has the word 'pets' in like 4-pt typeface. I'm guessing this is common."

Jonathan Kay's tweet
The tweet posted by Jonathan Kay on Sunday. Twitter

Twitter Reactions

The post instantly went viral, garnering thousands of likes, retweets, and comments with Twitter users, including some high-profile names, quick to point out to Kay that the big-ass photo of a dog on the shampoo's label is indication enough that the hair product is not intended for humans.

"It has a dog on it," wrote The Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast, while actor Seth Rogen commented, "You're stupid." Other Twitter users started mocking Kay's ignorance with sarcasm. Here are some of the tweets:

Meanwhile, others questioned why the online magazine editor was using a shampoo that specifically designed for "odor-control."

Kay Admits to Using Dishwashing Liquid as Shampoo

After Twitter users drew attention to the obvious giveaway, Kay doubled down by arguing that other shampoo bottles also have similar images including "waterfalls."

"Lots of shampoos I used in the past have pictures of waterfalls, or people cleaning dishes, or gauzily drawn women frolicking in pastures, or dudes under waterfalls with chests provocatively projected outwards, or whatever," Kay said, suggesting he has previously used dishwashing liquid as shampoo and users did not fail to notice.

Kay later accepted defeat and admitted to his mistake but It seems unlikely that Kay will be able to live down his dog shampoo debacle anytime soon.