Queens Pimp Watched True Crime Show 'Dexter' Before Killing, Dismembering Sex Worker to Collect Her Life Insurance

Cory Martin and Brandy Odom
Cory Martin and Brandy Odom Twitter

A man who murdered and dismembered a woman in New York City is thought to have been inspired by the TV Show Dexter – and gathered tips from the fictional TV show to cover up his crime.

Cory Martin, 36, a man from New York City, was found guilty on all charges in the killing of 26-year-old Brandy Odom, the Eastern District of New York US Attorney's Office said in a statement on Monday.

Martin Fraudulently Took Out Life Insurance Policies in Odom's Name

During the trial, prosecutors said Martin lived in Rosedale, Queens, with Odom and a co-conspirator. They were both doing sex work for him while he operated as their pimp.

In March and December 2017, Martin and a co-conspirator fraudulently got hold of two life insurance policies under Odom's name and made premium payments to the life insurance companies by Western Union money orders using a debit card, also in Odom's name.

Martin Watched 'The First 48'and 'Dexter' to Avoid Getting Caught and Get Rid of the Body

The co-conspirator testified at his trial that she and Martin watched the true crime TV show The First 48 about police tactics, which would lead them to discuss "what not to do, and what things to do to avoid being caught by the police."

However, Martin's inspiration viewing became more sinister as he also watched Dexter, a TV show about a serial killer who dismembers his victims. Martin was "looking for ways to commit the crime when he got rid of Brandy," the trial heard.

In early April 2018, Martin then entered Odom's bedroom and strangled her. Martin and the co-conspirator then purchased cleaning supplies and a vacuum to clean up the murder scene.

Martin Searched YouTube for Videos on 'How to Use a Reciprocating Saw'

Martin also searched on Home Depot's website for a "Dewalt 12-Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw," described as featuring a "powerful 12 Amp motor designed for heavy-duty applications," and then later that evening, searched on YouTube how to use a reciprocating saw.

After laying down heavy-duty black garbage bags on every surface of the bathroom floor, Martin used an electric saw to dismember the victim's body in the bathtub, the co-conspirator testified. Martin and the co-conspirator then disposed of Odom's body parts by dumping them in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn.

After the grisly killing, Martin tried to collect Odom's life insurance policies – but was unsuccessful. After he disposed of the victim's dismembered remains, he made dozens of searches for articles on the news coverage of the murder such as "Search area expands after dismembered body found in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn," and searched on Twitter and YouTube for information.

Martin was convicted of all charges including murder-for-hire, aggravated identity theft, murder-for-hire conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy and fraudulent use of identification. He now faces a mandatory life sentence in prison at his sentencing in July.