Queens Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend by Stuffing Her in Suitcase; Gets 30-Years In Prison

A Queens man has been sentenced to 30-years in prison by a federal court for killing his ex-girlfriend by locking her in a suitcase. Months after having been ditched by his girlfriend Valerie Reyes, Javier Da Silva Rojas showed up at her apartment in late January only to murder her in the most insane manner.

Rojas killed the New Rochelle woman in a suitcase after tying her arms and legs, sealing her mouth with tape and locking her up in the suitcase.

What happened between Rojas and Ryes in New Rochelle?

Reportedly, on January 28, 2019, Rojas drove to Reyes' home in New Rochelle. He then switched his phone to airplane mode before entering her house. After seeing Rojas uninvited, the couple allegedly started arguing which then turned into a violent altercation. Following the incident, Reyes was left with head injuries and bruises on her face.

According to court documents, Rojas then wrapped Reyes with packing tape and twine, stuffed her into the suitcase, rented a car from a garage in Flushing to unlawfully transport her 10 miles away from her house to a wooded area in Greenwich, Connecticut. Eventually, he stole his ex-girlfriend's debit card to extract over $5000.

Queens man kills GF
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"Javier Da Silva committed a horrific kidnapping that resulted in the death of a young woman. In the days after, he used her ATM card to empty her bank account and then attempted to cover up the evidence of his conduct. Valerie Reyes, the victim of this crime, was in the prime of her life when it was senselessly ended by Da Silva's abhorrent act. Those who commit violence, especially those who kill, will not escape justice," U.S. lawyer Audrey Strauss stated in court.

Where was Ryes' found?

After being reported missing to the New Rochelle Police Department on January 30, 2019, Reyes' body was recovered in a red suitcase alongside a public road in the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut a week later, on February 5, 2019. Medical reports confirmed that she had died of homicidal asphyxiation.

Rojas Was Staying in New York Without a Valid Visa

Moreover, Rojas was illegally living in New York. He had overstayed the period he was allowed to stay in the country. Rojas did not have a visa when he met Reyes on the internet. They began dating in January 2018. Reyes' family told authorities that the couple's relationship was stormy as Da Silva Rojas was much more serious than Reyes was.