Queen Of Tears Spoilers: Cast Member Kim Ji Won Dishes on New tvN Drama

Queen Of Tears will premiere on tvN on Saturday (March 9) at 9:10 pm KST. It stars Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. Cast member Ji Won recently dished about the upcoming romantic comedy-drama. The actress said the mini-series features cast members belonging to different age groups. The actress said it helped her learn a lot from her senior colleagues.

"The cast members in this drama are from different age groups. I'm enjoying working with everyone and learning a lot from my senior colleagues," Ji Won said during an interview with Marie Claire Korea magazine.

Kim Ji Won will portray a chaebol heiress, Hong Hae In, in the upcoming K-drama Queen Of Tears. She said being an actress helped her make life beautiful. The extreme emotions she portrays on screen and learning to express those emotions helped her understand life better.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

"Being an actress forces you to think about extreme emotions that you don't normally encounter in your daily life and how to express those emotions, and I think that makes my life more colorful," Ji Won shared.

Kim Ji Won About Hong Hae In

The actress shared some details about her character in the upcoming romantic comedy-drama. She said Hae In appears to be a cold and straightforward person who lacks nothing in life. Gradually, the viewers will learn about her loneliness and hardships.

"Hong Hae In is a cold and straightforward figure who appears to have lived without lacking anything on her first impression. Hae In is used to running forward while only looking straight ahead, and she is a figure who is unfamiliar with restoring relationships while taking care of her wounds, so Hae In's wounds and loneliness touched me greatly, and I felt that it was unfortunate in some way," the actress teased.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Explaining the reason for choosing this role, Ji Won said she wanted to act out a person who appears cold but lovable. She might pretend to be strong, but she is a delicate person. Ji Won said she wanted to take on a challenging role with a different vibe from the previous project.

"I thought a lot so that Hae In's extravagant styling not only simply reflects her wealth but also links the character's situation and emotions. Her clothes become more extravagant as she feels happier," Ji Won explained.