Marry My Husband Ending Explained, Episode 16 (Finale) Recap, Review

Marry My Husband ending focussed on the fate of Kang Ji Won and Yoo Ji Hyuk. Episode 16 began with a time jump and featured Oh Yu Ra in trouble. The finale also featured the evil moves of Jung So Min, who did everything to ruin the happiness of her childhood friend. People in Korea watched the last episode of this revenge drama on TV.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and the UK, watched the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video. Marry My Husband episode 16 kept the viewers on the edge of their seats with thrilling plot twists and surprising story development.

The romance revenge drama premiered on tvN on Monday (January 1) at 8:50 pm KST. It tells the story of an ordinary woman who witnessed the extramarital affair between her husband and best friend. The female protagonist gets murdered after she finds out about their relationship. She gets a second chance in life and tries to reverse her dismal fate.

Marry My Husband
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Marry My Husband Episode 16 Recap

The finale began with Yu Ra being investigated as a murder suspect. The culprit confidently faced the prosecutor. Yu Ra knew she would easily win this battle because the investigation team did not have solid evidence against her.

As expected, Yu Ra walked out without much trouble. Grandfather Yoo Han Il was waiting for her. He asked her to resign from her position as a director of U&K. The grandfather also suggested Yu Ra do some voluntary service in Africa. Yu Ra did not accept his offer. She blamed the grandfather for being biased and trying to protect his grandson.

Things took an unexpected turn after Ji Hyuk entered the scene. He informed his ex-fiancee that she could not walk away from the place without paying for her evil doings. His words did not have any impact on her. She challenged him by asking him to produce solid evidence against her. Soon, Soo Min's father, Jeong Man Sik, and Ji Won's mother, Bae Hui Suk, showed up.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband behind-the-scene still. tvN

The Narrow Escape

Jeong Man Sik and Bae Hui Suk narrowly escaped from getting killed by Yu Ra because of Ji Hyuk. With the help of Yu Ra's secretary, the male lead saved the lives of two people. In return, Jeong Man Sik and Bae Hui Suk agreed to surrender themselves. It marked the end of Yu Ra's evil play.

Ji Won and Ji Hyuk were celebrating their victory with their friends when Soo Min decided to attack her childhood friend. Soo Min quietly watched Ji Won and waited for the right time to kill her. When the party was over, the guests went to their respective homes. Soo Min showed up with a plan to kill Ji Won when she was alone at home. But Ji Won was prepared for the worst.

Park Min Young
Actress Park Min Young in tvN drama Marry My Husband. Twitter/tvN

When Soo Min was busy preparing her plan of arson, Ji Won attacked her unexpectedly. She forced the culprit to speak the truth. The female lead then informed her rival that it was a plot set by her, and it was impossible to escape from this trap. Soon, Soo Min was sent behind bars.

Marry My Husband episode 16 then focussed on the happy moments between the onscreen couple. The wedding ceremony of Ji Won and Ji Hyuk, their twin babies, and a newborn filled the rest of the chapter. The last episode of this revenge drama also introduced a new couple to the viewers.

Yoo Hee Yeon and Baek Eun Ho turned their friendship into romance. Yang Ju Ran also got her happy ending. She got divorced from her toxic husband. The viewers also watched the tragic demise of Yu Ra in the finale. She met with an accident while trying to flee abroad and succumbed to her injuries.