Queen Of Tears Episode 6 Recap, Review, Reactions

Queen Of Tears episode 6 aired on tvN on Sunday (March 24) at 9:10 pm KST. It featured the second honeymoon of Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. The couple enjoyed quality time with one another until the female lead received a shocking message from her mother. People in Korea watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on various online streaming platforms, including TVING.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The sixth episode of Queen Of Tears featured troubled moments for Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. They were enjoying their second honeymoon when the female lead received a shocking message from her mother. Although the onscreen couple stayed under one roof as strangers for the last two years, a small chat brought them together.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

When the two were away from their family and friends, they cleared all the misunderstandings. The duo was determined to stay beside one another for the rest of their lives and find happiness. Hyun Woo promised Hae In he would help her in every way possible. He did everything to boost her confidence and get her treated.

The Big Move

When Hyun Woo and Hae In were away, Yoon Eun Sung encouraged people around him to find something against the male lead. He teamed up with Cheon Da Hye to search Hyun Woo's bedroom. It was not easy to find evidence against the male lead. But a secret safe inside the drawer gave him hope. Eun Sung did not waste his time in getting his hands on the documents hidden inside the safe.

The antagonist used his power and money to convince the tech team to help him open the safe. With the help of Grace Goh, Eun Sung learned about the divorce paper prepared by Hyun Woo. He plotted a big move against the male lead. Soon, the Queen's family members found out about the divorce papers.

The first news that the Queen family received was about a plot against Hong Man Dae. He might have to serve jail time if the investigation team manages to find evidence against him. But no one could figure out who betrayed them until Moh Seul Hee found a secret voice recorder attached to the table in their sitting room.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Baek Hyun Woo in Trouble

Immediately, the grandfather asked the tech team to find the source of that mysterious recorder. When they discovered the receiver inside the drawer in the male lead's room, Kim Seon Hwa informed her daughter about it. Hae In wanted to believe her husband. So, she asked her mother to find solid evidence against Hyun Woo before framing him. Since the female lead wanted peace, she turned her phone off.

Hae In asked her husband to ignore any calls from her family members. When her mother called him, she rejected the call and turned off his phone. In the meantime, the Queen family continued their search in the male lead's room. They found the secret safe and asked the tech team to open it. The divorce papers in the safe changed the lives of Hyun Woo and Hae In.

Since the Queen family could not contact the onscreen couple, Kim Seon Hwa sent a photo of the divorce papers. The shocking message she received from her mother changed her feelings for her husband. She begged him to deny everything and help her continue to trust him. But he admitted everything without any hesitation.

Reviews and Reactions

I want to appreciate the maturity of this scene because it is not your usual dramatic one where the male lead cries and declares he won't let anything happen to his love. Instead, Hyun Woo let Hae In talk and let out her wishes. You could feel the pain from his eyes getting sadder with each word.

Why are the people in the Queens group easily fooled and believe in strangers? I'm glad that Hyun Woo is one step ahead of them. The way he parked his car in front of the IT service because he knew someone might be spying and trapping him from behind.

What if Hae In has made a video or written a letter telling Hyun Woo that he was her first and last love, and Hyun Woo finds it after she's gone?

People took advantage of their distant marriage, but pretty sure they'll be on the same page next week, and it will be them against the world.

This episode proved that Hyun Woo is smart. He set a trap and threatened the doctor so they would treat Hae In, and he was one step ahead and left his car to monitor the store because he knew someone would bribe the owner.

She just stood and stared at him In disbelief after he told her he wrote it, that's how you react to betrayal from the love of your life. She was shocked, confused, sad, and annoyed while he was full of shame and guilt trying to avoid her eyes.

Pretty sure Hae In & Hyun Woo will not divorce. They'll soon reconcile, even bringing their two families closer together. Hae In's parents will visit Yongduri, they'll start to get to know each other.