Queen Elizabeth II: What Happens When the Queen Dies? Here Is All You Need to Know About Operation London Bridge

Operation London Bridge, which carries a series of carefully constructed plans, has been in place since the 1960s.

Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision at Balmoral, Scotland, and the entire Royal Family has rushed to her side as doctors became concerned for her health. As of Thursday afternoon, the Queen's health has deteriorated and the Buckingham Palace has canceled the change of guard for the day as fears over her deteriorating health continue to grow.

The entire country is praying for her recovery and well-being but truth is that no one is immortal. The longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II's reign will also come to an end one day. There is little question that her death will result in significant change because Queen, 96, is the foundation of the Commonwealth and the patron of around 600 organizations and charities.

What Happens with Queen's Death

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision with the entire royal family at her bedside in Balmoral Twitter

Operation London Bridge, a mechanism that has been in place since the 1960s, will come into effect on the day that Queen Elizabeth II passes away. Operation London Bridge, which carries a series of carefully constructed plans, has been in place since the 1960s.

Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, died on April 9 2021 and was buried on April 17 of that same year. Under the cover of Forth Bridge, his funeral arrangements had been set in stone for a very long time.

Queen Elizabeth II
Camelia Parker, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William along with their children are with Queen Elizabeth II Twitter

Similarly, with Queen's death, Operation London Bridge will come into effect.

Under Operation London Bridge, the security strategy is fully described in a series of documents that Politico obtained last year. It includes information on everything from how the public would be informed of the monarch's passing to how swiftly Prince Charles will take the throne.

Additionally, it contains information on what will happen over the 10 days that follow the Queen's passing, such as the location of her funeral, the prime minister's public remarks, and Prince Charles' first few days as King.

Events Immediately after Death

When the Queen dies, Sir Christopher Geidt, Her Majesty's private secretary, will deliver the news to the Prime Minister over secure lines to prevent leaks. If required, the leader will be roused from slumber and informed that "London Bridge is down," according to The Guardian.

The events that follow are referred to as Operation London Bridge. Informing the 15 countries and 36 Commonwealth nations where the Queen is Head of State will be a crucial component of this.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Twitter

The BBC is traditionally the first media outlet to break royal death because they are funded by license payers. However, in recent times, it has been customary for important announcements to be sent out simultaneously to the entire world's media via a news agency like the Press Association.

Following the announcement, the BBC will postpone or cancel its comedy till after her funeral. Commercial radio stations will be informed through blue "obit lights," which are designed to illuminate in the event of a national emergency.

A black-edged notice will also be pinned to the palace's gates by a footman from Buckingham Palace. Most UK employees will likely be sent home early on that day.

Queen Elizabeth II
Operation London Bridge, a mechanism that has been in place since the 1960s, will come into effect on the day that Queen Elizabeth II passes away. Twitter

Flags will fly at half-mast over the next 12 days, newsreaders will wear black, and lawmakers will wear black armbands throughout this time. Also, preparation will begin for the state funeral, which will be presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Banks and the London Stock Exchange will be closed on the funeral day, which will also be declared a national holiday.

Wherever the Queen dies, her body will be brought to the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace. After that, for four days, the Queen's casket will lay in state at Westminster Hall so that people can pay their respects.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II with her late husband Prince Phillip Twitter

Additionally, it is anticipated that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would be buried next to one another. Prince Charles will succeed to the throne after the Queen dies.

New details for Operation London Bridge have been revealed with leatherworkers making more muffles for church bells which will toil when Her Majesty passes.

How Will the Government Respond

The devolved legislatures of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will also adjourn together with the UK parliament. No other members of the UK government are allowed to make any form of statement until the prime minister has finished speaking.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II over the years Twitter

After that, they will meet with King Charles, the new king.

The day after the Queen dies, members of parliament will pay tribute to her in the House of Commons. The 10 days of parliamentary business will be suspended.

Price Charles to Take Over

The Accession Council will convene at St. James' Palace on D-Day+1, the day following the Queen's passing, to name Prince Charles the new monarch. The prime minister and senior government ministers will also be present, and everyone is expected to dress in morning dress or lounge suits with black or dark ties.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Twitter

The cabinet and PM will meet with King Charles at 3.30 p.m., as stated in the documents.

He will receive the sympathy motion at Westminster Hall on D-Day + 3. The first stop on his trip to the UK will be a stop at the Scottish parliament. The next day, he will travel to Northern Ireland to accept a second motion of sympathy at Hillsborough Castle.

After that, Charles will travel to Wales to attend a service at Cardiff's Llandaff Cathedral.

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