Prince George Steals the Show at Wimbledon Finals as He Makes Funny Face Sitting in the Front Row

Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, was caught on camera making funny faces during his appearance at Wimbledon Finals on Sunday.

Sitting in the front row, Prince George couldn't hold back his excitement and was at his expressive best. His facial expressions varied from being that of excitement, anxious, disappointment to elation as he watched the battle between Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic. Not to miss a hilarious picture that shows Prince George engrossed in "nose-picking".

The young Prince also witnessed Kyrgios's "indecent blurting" which did not go down well with him as was evident from his expressions. Kyrgios was slapped with a fine of $4,000.

Kate Middleton and Prince George

Younger Royal at Their Expressive Best; Social Media Chatter

The social media is buzzing with activity over the Prince's reactions. A faction of social media followers have shared some funny memes pointing towards the distasteful reaction of Prince George over Kyrgios's "swearing".

Another faction stated that Prince George was giving competition to Prince Louis who had caught the media attention while making faces at Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee celebrations a few weeks ago. They also stated that "Younger Royals" have been at their expressive best this year.

Some of the fans of Royal family even went down the memory lane as they shared Prince William's pictures of his debut at Wimbledon with his mother Lady Diana in 1991.

A report published by Mirror stated that after the event Djokovic, the winner of the Wimbledon finals while interacting with the Royals handed over the trophy to Prince George. Prince George tilted the trophy which weighs 3.5 kgs and the anxious Kate Middleton immediately grabbed the lid to save it from falling on the floor.

A Twitter user sharing her views stated, "Prince George is certainly loving Wimbledon life at the Men's Final 2022 - look at those adorable faces! Prince Louis has definitely has some competition in the cute expressions department! #PrinceGeorge #DukeandDuchessofCambridge #RoyalFamily #Wimbledon."

Another user wrote, "I absolutely loved this afternoon of tennis that we just had with the Cambridges at #Wimbledon. It's so wonderful to see Prince George there for the very first time! He's such a sweet little man and I'm sure he'll talk about this day to his friends a lot for a long time."

"Prince George Steals the Show at His Wimbledon Debut: Apart from Novak Djokovic, there was another person who stole the show at the Wimbledon 2022 final. It was Kate Middleton and Prince William's eldest son Prince George," read a tweet.