Queen for 7 Days: Behind-the-scenes stills reveals new side of Lee Dong Gun

He was in different historical costumes with the production staff of "Queen for 7 Days."

Queen for Seven Days
A poster for 'Queen for Seven Days.' instagram.com/queenforsevendays_kbs

Lee Dong Gun will soon be showing a new side of himself in the Wednesday-Thursday drama of KBS 2TV, Queen for 7 Days. The show had recently released behind-the-scenes stills of the drama.

The KBS drama written by Choi Jin Young and directed by Lee Jung Seob boasts of an interesting storyline, direction and also great acting from the cast members of the drama. In the period drama which is reportedly based on the real life Joseon dynasty Queen Dangyeong, Lee Dong Gun plays the role of Lee Yoong who is also known as King Yeon San Gun.

According to Soompi, Lee Dong Gun is seen in different look in the recent behind-the-scenes stills released on June 4. He was in different historical costumes with the production staff of Queen for 7 Days. He is seen monitoring his appearance with the director and is waiting for his scene which he needs to start with his co-star Kang Shin Il.

Queen of 7 Days is a drama, which tells the story of Queen Dan Kyung (Park Min Young), who occupied the queen's position for the shortest period of time in Joseon history. It also involves her relationships with King Jung Jong (Yeon Woo Jin) and King Yeon San Gun.

In other news, the drama released a character relationship chart. This is done mainly because the story has pretty complicated relationships of the characters.

According to Soompi, a source from Queen For 7 Days stated, "The drama takes historical figures and creates a fully imaginative romance story. It will be very interesting and important to see how the characters' original relationships change and develop later in the drama."

This article was first published on June 5, 2017