Queen for 7 Days: Lee Dong Gun reveals why he chose the drama, new posters featuring the main leads released

It released new posters which exude melodramatic mood featuring the main leads of the drama.

Fans of Lee Dong Gun are eagerly waiting for his latest drama, Queen for 7 Days. During an interview on KBS's Entertainment Weekly, the main actors of the show gathered to share few details about their show.

In the session, Lee Dong Gun was asked how and why he chose to do the project, to which the actor replied saying, "When I got offered this role, I heard that I would be acting opposite of Park Min Young. For some reason, I really felt like I could trust her. I agreed to the role right away."

Park Min Young thanked him for the good words and Lee Dong Gun and Yeon Woo Jin went on to tease her, saying, "I hope 'Park Min Young for 7 Days' does well!"

As the premiere date for the said drama is nearing, it released new posters which exude a melodramatic mood featuring main leads Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun. The poster's tagline reads, "If I'm ever born again, I hope I never meet you."

One of the posters gives a sweet glimpse of the Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin's relationship in the drama. Their poster reads, "Because I love you, all the world's tears have come to me."

According to reports, "Queen for 7 Days" is a historical drama telling the story of Queen Dan Kyung played by Park Min Young, who was on the throne for the shortest period of time during the Joseon era.

The drama is all set to premiere on May 31 following "Mystery Queen."