Putin Will be Deposed in August as Coup Against Him is Underway, Claims Ukraine's Spy Chief

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be deposed by August as a coup to oust him from power is already underway, claimed Ukraine's spy chief. General Kyrylo Budanov stressed that Putin's psychological and physical condition is severe and by the end of this summer he could be ousted from power.

The General also asserted that Russia will lose the war by December. He speculated that a change in the leadership of the Russian Federation is expected in a few months.

General Kyrylo Budanov
General Kyrylo Budanov Twitter

Active Combat Between Russia and Ukraine Will End By December

Budanov assessed that the active combat will end by the end of the year and following the changes in the leadership of the Russian Federation, Ukraine will renew its power in all of its territories.

He also revealed that Putin's troops have been pushed back almost to the border around Kharkiv.

Meanwhile, an oligarch revealed a day before that Putin is severely ill and suffering from blood cancer. The oligarch named only Yuri revealed that Putin has a number of health issues. The oligarch is believed to have close ties with the Kremlin.


Putin Has Blood Cancer

It was also claimed on Saturday by an unnamed Russian oligarch that Putin is 'very ill with blood cancer'.

The oligarch also stressed that Putin is ruining the Russian economy. '[Putin] absolutely ruined Russia's economy, Ukraine's economy, and many other economies — ruined [them] absolutely. The problem is with his head. ... One crazy guy can turn the world upside down, according to New Lines magazine which didn't reveal the oligarch's real name.

The oligarch had left Russia in 2021 and he was in Forbes's top 200 list of Russia's wealthiest people. Now he is finding out ways to overcome the Western sanctions.

A former European security chief had claimed that Putin had met the oligarch with the other 30 powerful people of Russia before annexing Crimea.