Another Russian Navy Ship, Vsevolod Bobrov, Catches Fire After Being Hit In Ukraine

Another Russian Navy ship caught fire in the Black Sea after being hit in Ukraine's attack. Logistic ship Vsevolod Bobrov was damaged after Ukraine Navy's attack near Snake island.

A spokesperson for the Odesa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk claimed that Bobrov became the latest target of Ukraine's attack last night.

Vsevolod Bobrov
Vsevolod Bobrov (File pic) Twitter

Vsevolod Bobrov logistics ship Caught Fire After Attack

"As a result of the actions of our Navy, the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics ship, one of the newest in the Russian fleet, set on fire," said Bratchuk, according to The Mirror.

But the spokesperson also claimed that the information is yet to be verified.

The ship is believed to be limping towards the Sevastopol port in the annexed Crimea.

"Thanks to the actions of our sailors, the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics vessel, one of the latest in the Russian fleet, caught fire. They say that it is going to Sevastopol. The information needs to be clarified," said Bratchuk.

Vsevolod Bobrov
Vsevolod Bobrov (File pic) Twitter

Vsevolod Bobrov Suffered Severe Damages

Russian Navy's brand new auxiliary supply and the icebreaking ship suffered severe damage in the attack.

Ukrainian intelligence has suggested that some of the crew members were evacuated after the attack and the ship didn't face danger to be sunk.

Kremlin is Silent About The Attack

So far, there's no response neither from Kremlin nor from the Russian Defence Ministry about the attack.

It came a week after Ukraine released footage showing a drone destroying a Russian ship, which was delivering missiles to the captured Snake island. The ship was supplying the TOR anti-aircraft missiles on the island. Ukraine claimed that they destroyed a large Serna-type landing craft in the drone strike.

A number of Russian vessels have become the target of Ukrainian attack but the sinking of Moskva, which was hit by two Neptune missiles, was the biggest shock to the Russian Navy and President Vladimir Putin.