Putin Sends Execution Squad to Kill His Troops? Kremlin Reshapes Strategies to Counter Defections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent an execution squad to kill defectors among his troops who are refusing to carry out attacks against Ukraine as multiple reports had emerged showing that Putin's troops are opposing the invasion.

Russian troops are being ordered to kill defectors trying to flee the war. The Kremlin has become aware of a practice that Ukraine has been using for Russian troops to defect. Kyiv has been flooding the Russian phone numbers by sending text messages to brief them about how to surrender, reported Daily Mail.

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Russia Wants to Stop Defections

The practice has been prevalent and became useful for Ukraine against Russian invasion as in return Kyiv offers rewards, citizenship, safe heaven, and other offers.

Recently, a Russian tank commander had surrendered to the Ukrainians by replying to those messages saying he would like to defect.

He had a discussion with Ukrainian officials and a location was mutually agreed upon his surrender. The Russian commander was guarded by a drone while he was driving his tank towards the agreed location.

The tank commander had informed his seniors about his wish to go home. But his senior warned him of shooting at the battleground if he attempts to return.

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The tank commander had informed Ukrainians that his troops' situation was very chaotic as their morale was down and they had no food.

Ukraine has publicly pledged to offer him $10,000 and the tank commander will spend the rest of the war in 'comfortable conditions' with a television, phone, kitchen and shower.

Desertion Among Russian Troops

A large number of Russian troops are surrendering to Ukraine with their equipment according to Kyiv. On Wednesday, Ukraine's Armed Forces revealed that 300 Russian soldiers 'refused to comply with orders to carry out combat' and 'left' an area of intense fighting in the Sumy region.

The defections are terming out to be the main cause of Russia's loss in the war as in nearly four weeks of war Putin's troops have been unable to capture Kyiv despite having massive military might.

A sharp rise in the number of defectors and enemy soldiers declining to fight in the southern Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, according to Daily Mail.

The latest order of sending the execution squad to Ukraine is inspired by the rising number of defectors but it might not be the only reason of Russia's losses in the war. Russia's military policies are now failing and the Kremlin now needs to restructure its attack plan against Kyiv.