Russian Troops Shoot Themselves in Legs Using Western-Made Ammunition: Belarusian Media

The Russian troops are reportedly shooting themselves in their legs to avoid taking part in the Ukraine war as they are afraid of harsh punishment for desertion.

Russian troops are trying to find ammunition which are made in Ukraine or Western countries to shoot in their legs, reports say.

Russian troops
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Russian Officers Shoot Themselves

"They've been shooting at us for 14 days. We're scared. We're stealing food, breaking into houses. We're killing civilians," said a Russian soldier in one conversation between soldiers intercepted by Belarusian media source NEXTA.

"Russian officers shoot themselves in the legs to go home. There are corpses everywhere," added the soldier.

Troops are "looking for Ukrainian ammunition in order to shoot themselves in the legs and go to the hospital", said another Russian.

Soldiers Fear Severe Punishment While Going Back to Russia

The troops believe that if they do not follow orders and return to their country, they will definitely face severe punishment.

It came as reports have suggested that some Russian soldiers are willing to rise up against President Vladimir Putin. They are unhappy about the recent strike which hit a maternity hospital in Ukraine.

Russian military
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The troops have reportedly termed the action as "the most perverse f***ing form of neo-Nazism", according to The Sun.

Russian Troops Warn to Rise Up Against Putin

After the attack, some Kremlin troops have warned Putin that he would not be hiding this for long stressing that all will be judged for this.

"I want to tell our commander-in-chief to stop terror acts in Ukraine because when we come back we'll rise against him," said a reconnaissance officer of Kremlin during a press briefing this week.

"You won't hide this for long. There are many like us here. Sooner or later, we'll come home," said another Russian officer at the same press briefing referring to Putin.