Putin Has Thyroid Cancer? Russian President 'Constantly' Accompanied by Top Cancer Specialist Amid Claims He Is Unwell

According to new investigation, Selivanov has flown to Russian President 35 times in Sochi, his favorite vacation spot on the Black Sea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be in the best of his health as he is "constantly" accompanied by a doctor specializing in thyroid cancer, fresh reports claims. Surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov, of Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital, has reportedly spent 282 days with Putin amid claims he is seriously ill and suffering "steroid rage" from treatment.

There are also reports that the Russian president could be suffering form Parkinson's. Although the Kremlin has denied all such reports, questions about Putin's health have been doing the rounds for a month now after he was seen bloated in several attacks following the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin Unwell?

Putin has cancer
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According to new investigation, Selivanov has flown to Russian President 35 times in Sochi, his favorite vacation spot on the Black Sea. Selivanov specializes in thyroid cancer. Selivanov's thesis - showing his area of medical expertise - was entitled: 'Peculiarities of diagnostics and surgical treatment of elderly and senile patients with thyroid cancer'.

This comes after rumors that Putin is dying in agony from terminal intestinal cancer, according to Pentagon and Ukrainian intelligence.

The latest discovery was made by investigative journalists. Project (or Proekt) media, which has been censored in Russia but is currently operating from overseas, supports recent ideas that Putin declared war while suffering from medical issues that were kept hidden from the Russian people.

Putin doctor
Putin is always accompanied by a thyroid specialist (marked in the photo) Twitter

One theory is that he was given steroids, resulting in a bloated appearance around the face and neck.

In the West, there has been widespread conjecture that Putin had major medical concerns when he launched a war in Ukraine that has killed 17,000 Russian military, as well as many Ukrainian defenders and civilians, according to estimates.

Even the US media has claimed that his "puffy face" indicates that he is on chemotherapy or steroids, and his unsmiling countenance indicates that he is in continual discomfort.

What is Putin Suffering From?

Neurosurgeon Oleg Myshkin
Neurosurgeon Oleg Myshkin also regularly checks Putin Twitter

The Kremlin has said that the Russian President is absolutely fine and have debunked the claims of he being unwell. However, reports claim he may be suffering from either cancer or Parkinson's "We promised to reveal to you the main secret of the Kremlin. Of course, we are talking about the health of Vladimir Putin," said Project media.

The investigation named doctors who accompany Putin, who will turn 70 in October, on excursions, particularly to Sochi, which Putin prefers to Moscow.

The Parkinson's angle comes from the fact that a neurosurgeon is also reported to be accompanying him. The report stated: "It is generally accepted that in the 23rd year of his reign, the President of Russia is only interested in geopolitics.

"In fact, there is at least one other issue that Putin is hardly less worried about - his own health. Putin has publicly shown interest in the problem of thyroid cancer," the reported stated.

Evgeny Selivanov
Evgeny Selivanov regularly visits Putin Twitter

Putin's health issues are also being discussed in medical circles. "Especially these conversations intensified in the early autumn of last year, when Putin behaved especially strangely. After a long stay in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the head of state finally began to get out to meet people. On September 13, he met with the Paralympians and even allowed the athletes to tightly surround him," the report further states.

According to the report, Putin's health started deteriorating from 2016-17. Dr. Dmitry Verbovoy, an expert in acute illnesses, traumas, and poisonings, was treating Putin at the time. Dr. Konstantin Sim, an orthopedic traumatologist, was another who could help with ice hockey injuries.

An average of five medics accompanied the president to Sochi on a regular basis. Putin, according to a source, has vanished from view five times due to medical reasons.

Putin Sochi
Putin is always accompanied by doctors including a thyroid cancer surgeon and a neurologist on Sochi Trips Twitter

A thick lump in the thyroid area, hoarseness of voice, difficulty swallowing, pain in the neck and throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, a dry cough, and a gritty or itchy feeling in the throat or behind the sternum are all symptoms of thyroid cancer.

Putin has previously been accused of suffering from cancer, which the Kremlin has denied.

Dr. Selivanov was "on a business trip," according to the Central Clinical Hospital, and "it is unknown when he will return."