PUBG Royale PASS Season 11: Operation Tomorrow to roll out on January 10, key features leaked

PUBG Mobile has tipped to push an update on January 9 to prepare for Royale Pass Season 11 Operation

Player Unknown Battleground alias PUBG season 10 is about to end, as another exciting chapter Season 11 is waiting for the gamers to experience. PUBG developer Tennent has officially announced to roll out the new update dubbed Operation Tomorrow on January 11. The developer has shared quite a few posters via its Twitter handle to tease about the upcoming update. All the teaser images hint the Operation Tomorrow would bring a collection of skins with a Cyberpunk theme.

PUBG Mobile
pubgmobile / Instagram

But ahead of the update, significant features of the new update Season 11 Royale Pass including game content, skins, items and rewards have been leaked ahead of the imminent release. According to Gadget360, a YouTuber called Mr Ghost Gaming, having an excellent track record of gaming leaks has posted a video mentioning the upcoming features.

The Leaks

Here's what PUBG Royale PASS Season 11: Operation Tomorrow would purportedly introduce: Matching the theme colour of Season 11, the Operation Tomorrow would launch a new set of skins in AWM (yellow-coloured) and DP28.

Royale Pass

The Royale Pass reward would offer a prestigious costume in red-black duo-tone colour. The precious suit can be grabbed once a player reaches the Gold Tier. If you manage to reach the Platinum tier, you would be able to grab an additional face mask. The reward scheme will also offer an MK14 skin on reaching Diamond, a season 11 parachute skin for hitting the Ace, and a season 11 avatar frame if you make it to the Conqueror rank.

There would be new skins available for the bikes as well in the vehicle workshop dubbed 'Roaring Workshop.' The Season 11 would introduce an item called Riot Shield which would help players to safeguard themselves from the enemy fire.

The Domination Mode

The new season would also introduce a new mode called Domination Mode. The latest update would also bring a new map called Town. The Domination mode of PUBG Season 11 would be quite identical to the Domination Mode seen in Call of Duty: Mobile and would ask players to capture an area and face off with the enemies to achieve Domination Victory.

PUBG Mobile has tipped to push an update on January 9 to prepare for Royale Pass Season 11 Operation. The upgrade would require a total update of 140MB for Android mobiles and 170MB for iPhones. The company has asserted that there won't be any downtime.