Psychic twins who predicted 9/11 forecast a devastating 2018

Psychic twins who predicted 9/11 terrorist attacks have claimed that the year 2018 will be devastating for the human kind

Psychic Twins
Wikimedia Commons

As the world is witnessing natural disasters in all nooks of the globe, the identical twins, better known as Psychic twins who previously predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack, have bizarrely claimed that the year 2018 will not be that good for the human kind, as the world will face several natural calamities including earthquakes and tsunamis.

Predictions of the psychic twins

According to Terry and Linda Jamison, 2018 will witness an increase in natural calamities, terror attacks, and sometimes a nuclear war triggered by North Korea. The psychic twins have warned of a chaotic couple of years ahead which begins from 2018. However, the twins have not said anything about Nibiru alias Planet X which conspiracy theorists believe to be the major cause of devastation on the planet.

The psychic twins shot to limelight when they claimed that they had predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack which shook the US mainland. They have also previously boasted about communicating with dead celebrities like Princess Diana and pop king Micheal Jackson.

"From the unprecedented hurricanes and massive wildfires in the West, to the horrifying terror attacks by lone wolves and the biggest cyberattacks in history, 2017 has been quite an intense year. And now the two of us are seeing a chaotic couple of years ahead. So buckle up," told the psychic twins to Daily Star Online.

According to the Jamison twins, terror attacks from Islamic terrorist organizations like the ISIS and Al Qaida will be intensified in 2018. The twins made it clear that the terror attacks will be intensified because these dreaded extremist organizations will lose control of their caliphate. Terry and Linda Jamison also added that they have also predicted the terrorist attacks which happened in France and Germany last year.

World War 3 will not happen

According to the psychic twins, it is quite unlikely that North Korea will shoot a nuclear missile to the US mainland resulting in the beginning of World War 3. Even though tensions between North Korea and the US will be escalated in 2018, it will not result in a nuclear war, as Pyongyang will not take that blind step to fire a nuclear missile, says the psychic twins.

The psychic twins also added that the US will witness extreme weather conditions in the coming year.