North Korea could devastate London with nuclear weapons in a year, warns retired general

According to retired general Sir Richard Barrons, the broken UK army will not be able to combat the nuclear attack which will be launched by North Korea in a year.

London nuclear attack
Representational Picture: London has fallen movie

A former retired general in the UK army has sent a chilling warning to the Government stating that North Korea will launch a nuclear attack on London in a year. Retired General Sir Richard Barrons also added that the broken British Army will not be able to combat this deadly attack from Pyongyang. Barrons made these statements during his meeting with the Commons Defence Select Committee.

UK Army becoming less competitive

According to Richard Barrons, the UK army is 'not fit for the purpose', and made it clear that North Korea would be able to hit London with a nuclear missile within the next 18 months.

"We now live in an age where people who are not on our side have the capability that they could, I'm not saying they will, but could, inflict on the UK homeland at short notice which we can't deal with," said Barrons, Sky News reports.

Barrons said that all the three British armed forces are falling behind innovation when compared to its counterparts in other developed nations. The retired general also added that the country is facing threats from the dreaded Islamic Group ISIS, and if they get assailability to more deadly weapons, one of their primary targets will be London.

Barrons also made it clear that Britain's continuous confrontations with Russia are not good for the nation.

Earlier, it has been reported that North Korea is aiming to launch a series of cyber attacks aiming to take down the NHS. When the wannacry ransomware shook the world of the Internet, many cyber experts claimed that it was Kim Jong-un's evil brain which triggered this online attack.