PS5: Sony to charge subscription fee for upgrade?

According to insider information, Sony is planning to roll out two models of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console: the PS5 and the PS5 Pro

As pressure continues to build on Sony to unveil the PlayStation 5, or at least reveal some new details about the next-gen console, new information has come to light suggesting that the upcoming system will cost much more than expected.

Sony to launch 2 PS5 models

An industry insider has revealed that Sony will launch a more powerful PS5 variant alongside the base model. This console will allow Sony to size up against the Xbox Series X, while the base model will go head-to-head with Microsoft's weaker, unannounced console, 'Lockhart'.

"Sony is releasing 2 PS models. The base PS5 is 9TFLOPs. Their other one is also top of the line to compete with XSX top dog. This all makes sense now as to why people are getting mixed numbers for each of the platforms. I also heard that the top of the line models will be expensive. No pricing but I would guess around $600," the industry professional noted in his NeoGAF post.

Sony PS5
The official Sony PlayStation 5 logo, unveiled by the company at CES 2020. Instagram / @playstation

This is in line with a recent Game Informer interview, in which PlayStation executives all but confirmed a PS5 Pro model. High-end consoles are becoming a thing of this generation. While Nintendo has chosen to opt-out for the time being, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X mark the beginning of premium hardware.

Sony to charge a subscription fee for upgrade

Earlier, while buying a console at launch, one would only have to pay a few hundred dollars once and be good to go for the next five to seven years. However, now customers will have to purchase a base PS5, feeling guilty that they did not choose the premium model.

It is in many ways similar to purchasing an iPhone. Buying Apple's latest offering is usually accompanied by a slight feeling of dread, knowing your expensive purchase will be outdated within a year's time. This is why Apple has the iPhone upgrade program—which lets you buy a new phone by paying monthly installments—that takes care of this problem but also continues to lighten your pockets with endless payments.

Microsoft is already on top of this with the Xbox All Access program, and Sony will definitely follow suit. This makes consoles more accessible but at the cost of yet another monthly fee. It also 'justifies' a higher-priced box.