PS3 4.81 IDPS Dumper released; PS3Xploit team advises to steer clear of new updates

PS3Xploit developers warn PlayStation 3 owners not to update to firmware version 4.82 if they wish to enjoy PS3 4.81 hacks.

The team behind the PS3Xploit project has advised PlayStation 3 owners not to update their consoles if they want to take advantage of the PS3 4.81 IDPS Dumper which is now available. Sony Electronics on Monday, November 13 rolled out the firmware version 4.82 which appears to patch PS3Xploit.

On Saturday, November 11, the PS3Xploit developers fulfilled their promise to release the IDPS Dumper for PS3 4.81 and 4.82. Although there are still many aspects of the project being worked out, the IDPS Dumper is now fully functional on all PlayStation 3 models.

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The PS3 4.81, 4.82 IDPS Dumper can obtain the console's identification number, making PlayStation 3 SuperSlim variants hackable. After the hack was released, Sony was prompt to roll out a firmware update as on Monday, the PlayStation 3 4.82 version to fix the PS3Xploit.

A Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console is displayed at an electronics shop in Tokyo on August 17, 2011 Kim Kyung-Hoon/Files/Reuters

Developers of the project expected the update but admitted that not as soon as it was released. Hence, the P3SXploit team is now warning users not to update their devices if they wish to enjoy what the newly-released IDPS Dumper can offer.

The last time an official firmware of PlayStation 3 was exploited was in 2010 with firmware version 3.55, making newer Slim and SuperSlim models untouchable by any custom firmware or downgrade. After the PS3Xploit project was introduced to the public, many PlayStation 3 owners were ecstatic to learn about the new efforts, except for people at Sony Electronics, of course.

This article was first published on November 16, 2017