The latest development in PlayStation 4 jailbreak has been revealed anew on Twitter. On Friday, October 20 hacker Luca Todesco posted a photo on the microblogging platform, showing the PlayStation 4 v5.0 jailbreak that has been successfully carried through with full kernel access.

PlayStation 4 v5.0 is the latest software version of the gaming console. IBTimes Singapore on Tuesday, October 17 reported that possible PlayStation 4 jailbreak looms as Todesco found an exploit in v5.0.

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As of late, Todesco has finally confirmed that jailbreak is achievable through v5.0. For the uninitiated, the full kernel access allows hackers to jailbreak a device using the latest software. From the looks of Todesco's breakthrough, the jailbreak was accomplished through his own existent public WebKit exploit.

While the progress of the PlayStation 4 v5.0 jailbreak has been fast, there is no full guarantee whether Todesco will make the jailbreak available to the public or forbear the release to protect the vulnerability safely.

For now, the jailbreak community can only hope for the best, and by the best, it means the second exploit shall soon be discovered.