Proof of alien life? Space journalist discovers fossilized skull on Mars


Joe White, a self-proclaimed space journalist has claimed that he found the proof of ancient life forms on Mars. In a video shared on his YouTube channel 'ArtAlien TV', White has listed images of a rock formation oddly resembling the shape of a skull. The UFO hunter said that the image was taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover.

"A giant bird, a giant's skull and other mysterious structures and objects on Mars. Just take a look and see. Ignore the official dogma and use your own eyes," wrote Joe White on the video's description.

After analyzing the skull's shape and structure, Joe White estimated that it could measure a staggering two feet. He also added that the owner of this skull could be at least 15 feet tall.

"This looks like a giant skull with a jawbone here and maybe an eye socket here and another here. These to me look like teeth. Can you see them? One, two, three, four, five, six. Possibly seven," said White in video description.

As the video went viral, many conspiracy theorists argued that this is a proof of ancient life which existed on Mars. These theorists also believe that space agencies like NASA are well aware of alien life on the red planet.

"One day, and quite soon if we're reading things correctly with all the recent exposures of these topics of discussion, NASA will no longer be able to hide behind their blatantly obvious smudging of images. There is so much more out there, on Mars, to be discovered, and so much that NASA won't be able to obfuscate. Moreover, they can no longer hide behind black and white images" commented Lauren Piantino, a YouTube user.

Another YouTube user 'World of Retro Gameplay' has argued that the object spotted by White is a genuine skeletal remain which might have hardened over a period of time.

"Something to consider: the skeletal remains of any creature or humanoid eventually hardens and becomes rocks. Why? It's been proven with fossilized dinosaur remains. Over millions/billions of years, mud, sand, etc., begin to encase the skeletal remains and then harden. Once the fossilization process has finished, you get fossil remains that look exactly like rocks," commented World of Retro Gameplay.

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