'Produce 101' names Top 11 winners

For the last episode, the trainees were divided into two groups and performed the new songs "Hands on Me" and "Super Hot."

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Park Ji-hoon (left) and Kang Daniel during the finale. Screenshot from Mnet video

Eleven male trainees out of 20 emerged as the winners in the Korean survival TV show "Produce 101" Season 2 finals. From 101 contestant trainees in April, elimination rounds were held and viewers picked the 20 finalists in the last voting.

For the last episode, the trainees were divided into two groups and performed the new songs "Hands on Me" and "Super Hot."

The 11 winners were picked by viewers through text message voting during the show, which Mnet stretched for three-and-a-half hours with long gaps between the announcement of each winner.

Fans celebrated when their picks made it to the winning circle but others were disappointed as their trainees failed to win.

MMO Entertainment's Kang Daniel and Maroo Entertainment's trainee Park Ji-hoon became the contenders for first place.

But it was Kang who grabbed the top spot with 1.57 million votes against Park's 1.13 million, who settled for second place.

Lee Dae Hwi of Brand New Music received 1.1 million votes and was shocked when his name was announced to occupy third place. During the announcement of winners, he looked worried when his name wasn't called until the fourth place.

Individual trainee Kim Jae Hwan, considered as having one of the best voices in the show, placed fourth with 1.05 million while Fantagio trainee Ong Sung Woo finished fifth with 984,756.

Others in the Top 11 group are Brand New Music's Park Woo Jin, 937,379 votes; Cube Entertainment trainee Lai Guan Lin, 905,875; MMO Entertainment's Yoon Ji Sung, 902,098; NU'EST member Hwang Min Hyun, 862,719; C9 Entertainment trainee Bae Jin-young, 807,749; and Ardor & Able's Ha Sung Woon, 790,302.

The 11 winners will be debuting under the name Wanna One in August, according to reports.

Fans were saddened when only one NU'EST member made it. The other three finalists from NU'EST, Kang Dong Ho, Kim Jong Hyun and Choi Min Ki, failed to win.

They were also shocked when favorite Kim Samuel of Brave Entertainment was not included in the Top 11.

Mnet was blamed by fans for revealing the partial results of the voting during the show. The four trainees who were vying for the 11th slot were announced and fans said this could have affected the rankings.

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