Produce 101: Concept challenge winners, rankings revealed

The winning group would receive 220,000 points and would perform on the Mnet music program "M Countdown."

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First place winner "Open Up" team Screenshot from Mnet video

The remaining 35 contestants on the Korean survival audition TV program "Produce 101" entered a new phase by competing in a concept challenge where they performed original songs.

They were divided into five groups with seven members each and performed the songs "Show Time," "I Know You Know," "Open Up," "Oh Little Girl" and "Never."

The five groups performed before 2,000 fans who voted and ranked them. The winning group would receive 220,000 points and would perform on the Mnet music program "M Countdown."

"Trainee Samuel Kim, who was the center for 'Show Time,' showed off his dance moves and led the group with his steady vocals," reported Mnet's MWave/EnewsWorld.

It added, "'I Know You Know' was led by Kwon Hyun Bin, who created a energy filled performance. The 'Open Up' team touched the hearts of many fans and even received requests for an encore performance. Jung Se Woon led the 'Oh Little Girl' team with his steady and smooth vocals. The final team, performing 'Never,' far exceeded expectations and showed a powerful performance."

In the end, the fans or "national producers" picked the "Open Up" team as the winner with 552 points. The team is composed of Kang Daniel, Takada Kenta, Kang Dong Ho, Kim Yong Gook, Yoo Seon Ho, Joo Hak Nyeon and Lim Young Min.

They were followed by the "Never" team, 443 points; "Oh Little Girl," 398; "Show Time," 135; and "I Know You Know," 83.

"I really want to be in first place. I kept telling that to Dong Ho hyung (who) kept saying we have to get the first place but it wasn't easy," said Yoo Seon Ho, according to P101 S2 on YouTube.

The individual rankings based on the concept challenge were also revealed, except for Nos. 1 and 6 positions, which host BoA said would be revealed in the next episode.

In the Top 11, Park Ji Hoon placed second with 182 followed by Park Woo Jin, 95; Hwang Min Hyun, 91, Bae Jin Young, 82, Joo Hak Nyeon, 71; Lee Dae Hwi, 60, Yoo Seon Ho, 59; Kim Yong Guk, 58; and Im Young Min, 57.

After the episode, Mnet released the album "35 Boys, 5 Concepts" online that contained all the five tracks performed by the boys.

The songs quickly rose in the music charts with "Never" getting an "all-kill" status.