Produce 101: 35 in, 23 male trainees out in latest elimination round
Kim Jong Hyun (left) and Lai Guan Lin ranked first and second in the latest elimination round Screenshot from Mnet video

From 58 male trainees, there are only 35 remaining on the Korean reality survival TV program "Produce 101." On the eight-episode of the TV show on May 26, another elimination round was conducted and 23 contestants were dropped by viewers as the quest to select the final 11 trainees continued.

In the latest ranking, boy band NU'EST member Kim Jong Hyun of Pledis Entertainment maintained his No. 1 position for the second straight time with 2.79 million votes.

Lai Guan Lin of Cube Entertainment, who identifies himself as from "China Taiwan," got 2.2 million votes and rose from fifth place to second.

"Wink boy" Park Ji Hoon of Maroo Entertainment received 2.18 million votes and maintained his third place ranking.

Lee Dae Hwi of Brand New Music rose to fourth place from 10th with total votes of 2.09 million while Im Young Min, also of Brand New Music, surprised fellow trainees by grabbing fifth place with 2.01 million votes, up from 12th in the last round.

NU'EST member Hwang Min Hyun of Pledis Entertainment got 2 million votes and slid to sixth place from fourth while Ong Sung Woo of Fantagio rose one level to sixth from seventh place with 1.99 million.

Kang Daniel of MMO Entertainment was down to eight place from second, receiving 1.94 million votes. During the show, he apologized for causing controversy when he violated rules by trying to influence his fans on social media to vote for a particular song that will be used in the show.

"I didn't think things through and I'm sorry," he said, according to Soompi.

Fellow trainees Lee Ki Won and Kim Dong Bin also apologized.

"From now on, I will work hard to show a better side of myself," he said while Kim Dong Bin said, "I realized that I have to be more careful in the future."

Other trainees in the top 11 are Kim Jae Hwan, individual trainee, 1.82 million; Joo Hak Nyeon, Cre.ker Entertainment, 1.62 million; and NU'EST member Kang Dong Ho, Pledis Entertainment, 1.58 million.

Contestants who grabbed the 12th to 35th places are: Bae Jin-Young, C9 Entertainment, 1.5 million votes; Yoo Seon-Ho, Cube Entertainment, 1.5 million; Park Woo-Jin, Brand New Music, 1.39 million; Yoon Ji-Sung, MMO, 1.37 million; Kim Samuel, Brave Entertainment, 1.3 million; Jung Sewoon, Starship Entertainment, 1.28 million; Kim Yong-Guk, Chun Entertainment, 1.19 million; Ahn Hyung-Seob, Yuehua, 1.17 million; Choi Min Ki, Pledis Entertainment, 1.1 million; Noh Taehyun, Ardor & Able, 945,314 votes; Kim Tae-Dong, The Vibe Label, 877,168; Lee Eui-Woong, Yuehua, 855,494; Seo Sung-Hyuk, WH, 844,163; Ha Sung-Woon, Ardor & Able, 838,649; Lee Woo-Jin, Media Line, 836,127; Kim Sang-Gyun, Hunus, 830,779; Park Woodam, HF Music, 826,392; Kim Dong-Hyun, Brand New Music, 821,551; Lee Gun-Hee, RBW, 799,975; Takada Kenta, Star Road, 783,860; Jang Moon-Bok, ONO, 745,093; Kim Yehyun, 691,611; Kwon Hyun-Bin, YG K+, 645,510; and Kim Dong-Han, OUI, 629,883.