Private Jets Headed for Dubai Global Warming Conference Reportedly Seen Frozen, Grounded in Munich Due to Heavy Snowfall

private jets stranded at Munich airport
Stills from the video being circulated on social media show jets being stranded on the runway amid heavy snowfall. Twitter

In an ironic turn of events, a fleet of private jets reportedly bound for a major global warming conference in Dubai were apparently seen immobilized on a runway in Munich as Europe is battered by heavy snowfall.

In a tweet posted by Trending Politics co-founder Collin Rugg, a number of private jets appeared to be grounded at an airport under extreme weather conditions. One aircraft is seen tipped rearward, which is likely when heavy snow is accumulated on the tail section.

"Private jets getting ready to leave for a 'Climate Change' conference in Dubai are frozen on the runway in Munich as 60% of Europe is covered in snow," the video is captioned.

"Let me say that again: Rich people getting ready to board their gas guzzling jets to fly to a 'Climate Change' (formerly known as Global Warming) conference can't leave because their planes are covered in freezing snow," Rugg added.

Dubai is hosting the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference until Dec. 12, 2023. While the conference aimed to address the urgent issues of global warming and climate action, the unexpected twist in the plot served to underline the challenges of achieving sustainability within the aviation industry, a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

The choice of Dubai as the location for a global warming conference also came under criticism. The irony of hosting a global warming conference in a country heavily reliant on fossil fuels was not lost on observers. The event's location and the frozen jets incident have together led netizens to call out the hypocrisy inherent in the fight against climate change.

"Climate change is the biggest scam of all time," wrote one user, while another commented, "The irony of this is hilarious. The people calling for climate change are the ones omitting the most emissions."

"The hypocrisy is always astounding," opined a third.

While it has not been independently verified whether the aircrafts seen in the video were destined to fly to Dubai for the climate change conference, Europe is grappling with one of the coldest winters it has witnessed, with Germany being the most affected.