Private details of 4 girl group members leaked on Telegram Nth Room; Here is how Jo Joo Bin accessed info

Here is how Jo Joo Bin operated to get private details of celebrities including members of girl band, politicians and entertainers and sold them in the Nth Room

Choi, a social service worker had given the private details of at least 17 people including four members of girl group to Jo Joo Bin, the main accused in the Nth Room scandal. Reportedly, the celebrities private details were leaked on the Nth Room for the users to buy it.

In a report on 'Newsdesk' on April 13, MBC stated that personal details of celebrities were extracted in the Nth Room. The report explained that "minors, famous entertainers, and politicians were the main subjects for the criminals' in the 'Nth Room' and they played the role of extracting their personal information."

Choi provided this personal information to Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa

Baksa Jo Joo Bin Telegram Nth Roomsuspect
Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin, Telegram Nth Room scandal main accused

Famous girl group members, an actor, and an announcer were also the target of the group and had become victims of the Nth Room scandal. Choi (complete identity yet to be known) was the one who provided this personal information to Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa.

He was earlier working as an employee (social service worker) for the Civil Affairs Administration Team in Songpa-gu. Misusing his position, he accessed the government records of celebrities that were used to issue resident registration. According to the report he had illegally obtained personal details of at least 200 people and is said to have sold 17 influential people's personal details directly to Jo Joo Bin.

Another person who also worked formerly as a social service employee and helped give administrative access to Choi is also being probed. Choi, who is being questioned now is said to have confessed that he tried to extract personal details of the members of the girl group he liked.

Cops are trying hard to trace the users of Nth Room

With probe on Telegram Nth Room scandal intensified, it is becoming clear that the chatroom operators not only victimized minor girls but also targeted celebrities to extract a huge amount of money. Earlier, it was revealed that after getting the girls to forcefully record sexually explicit videos, Jo Joo Bin used deepfake method to swap the face of victims with that of popular celebrities (including K-pop stars) and sold it to Nth Room users for the higher amount of money.

As cops are trying hard to trace the users of Nth Room (who brought the videos and photographs from Jo Joo Bin), a number of (users) people are said to have surrendered before the police and two people have committed suicide as the scandal got murkier.