Presidential phone: Will iPhone over Blackberry make Donald Trump safer?

Trump has to let go of his Samsung Galaxy phone to have a CIA approved Blackberry or wait for it an iphone

US President Donald Trump has to let go of his Samsung Galaxy phone to have a CIA-approved Blackberry or wait for a similarly approved iPhone. Barack Obama, who started off with a modified BlackBerry, later opted for an iPhone.


So why all this fuss about a phone to begin with? It's still possible to make an android phone hack proof by running a full-disk encryption or even go far as to making a customized version of Android But an iPhone is able to give you all that withought having to tinker that much. iOS 8 has by default a full-disk encryption and armed with a Touch ID sensor that has a secure enclave, hacking is really going to be tough. To pack it all in one neat gift wrap it also helps that iOS doesn't allow native filesystem access, restricting software intrusion, but also safely sandboxing apps.

blackberry vs iphone

But if you are expecting a selfie from the modified phone that the POTUS is going to have or him calling out people in random to say "Hello", you are going to be disappointed. As reports say that the iPhone which was handed to Obama to be used during his stint at the Oval office was not capable of taking pictures or sadly even play music. Moreover, the iphone was further modified so that it couldn't send text or emails like or make calls to carrier networks used by the masses.

What it did have was hardware supporting protocols like SCIP (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol) and HAIPE IS (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor Interoperability Specification), making it almost impossible to hack, intercept or decode and also access to the official twitter POTUS account.

Let us hope that Trump really enjoys his Iphone and hopefully doesn't use the POTUS twitter feed like he did of his @realDonaldTrump account.

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