Presidential Debate 2020: Trump Seen Pushing Melania Off Stage After She Pulls Her Hand Away [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were caught sharing the awkward encounter after the final presidential debate on Thursday night

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden sparred over a number of topics at the third and final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday night.

The two presidential candidates clashed over a number of topics including the coronavirus pandemic, racism, climate change, foreign entanglements and the economy but one of the highlights of the debate making waves on social media is an awkward moment shared between Trump and First Lady Melania following the debate.

Trump and Melania's Awkward Moment

Donald Trump and Melania Trump
Donald Trump and Melania Trump leaving the stage after the final presidential debate on Thursday night. Twitter

As the debate came to an end on Thursday night, Biden and Trump were seen leaving the stage with their respective spouses. Walking hand-in-hand, the First Lady and the President also made their way off the platform but just as the couple turned away from the audience, Melania appeared to tug her hand away from Trump's before wiping her hand on her dress.

Eagle-eyed social media users spotted the awkward encounter as Trump then lightly pushed his wife to get her moving off stage. Watch the clip below:

Trump and Melania are known for their not-so-warm greetings towards each other, especially when Melania has slapped her husband's hand away on multiple occasions as he tried to hold hers, raising questions about the nature of their relationship.

During the first presidential debate, Melania raised eyebrows after she refused to greet her husband with so much as an embrace or a kiss as Jill Biden greeted the former Vice President with warmth and closeness.

'A F*cked Up Marriage'

The awkward encounter between the Trumps on Thursday night has now caused quite the stir across social media platforms such as Twitter, where the video has received more than 1.2 million views.

"Did anyone else see Trump push Melania to turn her around and shove her again in the back to get her moving off the stage? I know everyone was immediately turning their attention to what had been said, but I'm shocked not to see anyone else talking about this," wrote one user.

"Whoa, that's cold After tossing his sweaty hand away she wipe's hers on her dress and then he gives her a retaliative restrained little shove, like a petulant brat who must have the last word," commented another. "That's a fucked up marriage playing out in the public eye."

"No, that is a snatch away," opined yet another. "Melania takes her hand away while Jill tries to grab Joe's. The differences in their marriages couldn't be more clear!"

Here are some of the other reactions: