President Trump declares major disaster in all 50 states amid Coronavirus, first time in history

US surpasses Italy in terms of number of fatality

All the 50 states in the United States received a federal disaster declaration as President Donald Trump approved declaration for Wyoming on Saturday. New York was the first state to receive disaster declaration by President on March 20 making federal funding available for affected individuals throughout the state.

Under this, state, local government and non-profit organizations are allowed to access federal funds made available by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the states and doctors are experiencing a shortage of essential supplies like ventilators and protective equipment.

The US surpassed the death toll of Italy and became the country with the most affected virus-related deaths in the world. The country recorded its maximum number of deaths in 24 hours on April 10 with 2,035 deaths. The total number of cases confirmed has reached up to 533,115 as death toll crossed 20,500 due to coronavirus in the United States so far. The figures have been doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 in just five days.

Federal funding will help Wyoming to mobilize resources

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Wyoming has seen more than 250 cases until now as Governor Mark Gordon said that this declaration will help the state to prepare and mobilize resources when necessary. Most of the affected states have issued stay-home order urging residents to maintain a safe distance from one another to slow the spread of the virus.

Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr Anthony Fauci said that a large number of people are asymptomatic but are infected. Increasing the number of tests will help us to identify those people and it will help officials to formulate better strategies to curb the spread of the virus.

Michigan, third-most affected region in the United States issued a ban on "travel between residents" effective from Friday. This is an extension to "stay home" order issued by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on March 23. Travel between two residents was permitted by the state until now. Whitmer said that outdoor exercise is still permitted if people maintain a safer distance of six-foot from each other.

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