President Trump Claims Debate Victory, Says 'Biden Was Very Weak, He Was Whining'

Trump further weighed in against Biden by stating that his challenger does not like to address Antifa.

President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden had heated exchanges during their first Presidential debates in Ohio. Following the debate, President Trump has claimed that he has won the debate, saying that his competitor was very weak in front of him. However, some polls suggest Joe Biden was more honest with his answers.
US Presidential debate 2020,
Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden at the presidential debate on Tuesday. Twitter

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden debated several topics, ranging from racial discrimination, coronavirus pandemic, healthcare, climate change and mail-in ballots. After the first of three Presidential Debates, President Trump had a press conference in the White House where he claimed that his party won the first debate against Joe Biden.

"I think he (Biden) was very weak. He was whining. We won the debate by almost every poll that I saw. If you look at the various polls. And I looked at about six of them, and we won every one of them," President Trump told the reporters.'

In addition to this, President Trump responded to his remarks on the far-right group Proud Boys. He stated that he does not know about them, but added that "they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work."

Trump further weighed in against Biden by stating that his challenger does not like to address Antifa as he refuses to issue words like law and order.

"He can't say the words because he'll lose the rest of the left. So he's got to condemn Antifa. Antifa is a very bad group."

CNN Poll Says Biden Won

Contrary to Donald Trump's statement, CNN Poll revealed that Biden did the best job in the debate. Only 28 percent debate watchers were in President Trump's favor.

During the first debate, Biden also targeted President Trump over tax reports that suggested he paid only $750 in taxes in the first two years of his presidency. Biden has been incredibly vocal when it comes to President Trump and his presidency. In one of an earlier campaign video, he and former President Barack Obama talked about the negligence of the current government that resulted in several protests.

President Trump also targeted former Vice-President for his son Hunter Biden's alleged Ukraine links.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Twitter

This was the very first debate scheduled ahead of the upcoming US Elections. The next debate between President Trump and Joe Biden is scheduled for October 15. There will be one Vice-Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, which Susan Page will moderate.

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