Pregnant Woman Shot and Killed After Pulling a Gun at a Biker in an 'Intentional' Hit-and-Run

A pregnant woman in Florida died after being shot by a biker, who she allegedly intentionally hit with her car in a road rage incident.

A pregnant woman was fatally shot after she caused a hit-and-run and fled to her home, where she was gunned down by the other party involved, police said. Sara-Nicole Morales, 35, who was 5-months-pregnant, is said to have intentionally hit a motorcyclist, identified as Andrew Derr, while driving and pointed a gun at the biker in an armed confrontation.

The incident took place around 5.15 pm on Saturday, November 20, in Orange City, located about 45 miles from Orlando, Florida. Andrew Derr was taken into custody, who repeatedly claimed that he shot the woman in 'self-defense,' according to Orange County Police. No charges were filed against Andrew in connection with Sarah's death as of Tuesday.

According to Orange County Police, after purposely hitting the 40-year-old biker with a Blue Kia she was driving, Sarah fled the scene. The biker, Andrew followed her to her Orange County home along with other witnesses asking her to stay put before the officers arrived.

Sara-Nicole Morales
Sara-Nicole Morales Screen grab - Foxnews

Armed confrontation

According to police, once at her home, Sarah went inside and pulled a gun at Andrew and other witnesses, who were on call with a 911 operator. Holding the gun, Sarah also called 911 and told the operator that she was being threatened by three 'aggressive' men. It was at this moment, that Andrew, who is a concealed weapons permit holder, drew his handgun and fired several rounds at her. Sarah was declared dead at Halifax Health Medical Center. Her unborn child did not survive as well.

'She tried to kill me'

"That girl tried to kill me, she pointed a gun at me...I am so sorry," Andrew told the officers who detained him, bodycam footage released by the police showed. "I didn't do anything wrong but defend myself," Andrew told the officers while pleading with them to not shoot him as they approached to detain him. One of the witnesses, who was on a call with a 911 operator when the gunfire erupted, told the dispatcher that Andrew fired his gun in 'self-defense.'

Sarah, who worked as a librarian at the Pierson Public Library since 2019, is survived by a fiancé and an 11-year-old child, her family told Fox 35.

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