Pornstar 'Karen' Claims Lawn Workers Were Staring at Her Sunbathing, Threatens to Call the Cops

Victoria Jay, an OnlyFans model, claimed lawn workers working on a drain that runs through her property were staring at her while she was sunbathing in a bikini.

Victoria Jay, who goes by Curvy Model Milf on OnlyFans, a content-subscription platform where content creators can earn money from "fans" who purchase their pornographic content, is the latest "Karen" to have been filmed on camera throwing a tantrum and acting in an entitled fashion.

An Instagram account called @Karensgoingwild, which shares video footage of Karen-related incidents, shared an IGTV video of Jay arguing with the owner of the lawn services company that was working on a French drain that runs between her and her neighbor's property in Apollo Beach, Florida. She claimed she was trying to sunbathe in her bikini and the lawn workers were staring at her in the backyard.

Victoria Jay
Victoria Jay OnlyFans

'Get Off My Property'

The 10-minute video clip, shot by a worker, starts off with Jay complaining about "trash" on her property and asks the workers to stay on the neighbor's side of the lawn. When one of the lawn workers, appearing to be the owner's wife, points out that there is no trash on the woman's property, Jay says that's because she "bitched them out" and "finally got their lazy asses up and did it".

The owner's wife then asks Jay politely not to disrespect them, to which Jay responds "I can say whatever I want" as she points in her face. "Get your hands out of my face," the owner's wife tells Jay. "B---h, call the police," the model tells her as the owner intervenes and tries to hold his wife back.

"I'm not doing anything to her. I'm just asking her to treat us with respect just like any decent human being would," the wife explains. The owner of the family-owned business then explained to the woman that his staff members were just taking a break and that's why they were all the way at the other end.

He added that if she was going to be uncomfortable coming out in a bikini in front of them and had asked them to move, they would've been happy to go someplace else.

The 'I'm White' Card

Jay then argues that the workers can rest on her neighbor's property where they are not "staring" at her and she can't do anything about it. "They are not going to sit out there laying down on her phone staring directly at where I was going to be in a bikini," she can be heard saying in the clip.

She then went on a racist rant saying, "this is f---ing America and I'm white," to which the owner of the lawn company asked, "what does that have to do with anything?"

Victoria Jay
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media Instagram

"You weren't born here," Jay tells the man and the owner's responds by saying "We were all born here." The owner then tells the woman he doesn't want to deal with people who bring in "race" and the color of her skin into the conversation and assume that he's not born here.

"I don't care," Jay says "I'm so sick of these race issues that are going on, saying white people have no rights and that black lives matter and not white."

Threatens to Call the Police

The owner explains to her that they need to finish their job and since the drain runs between both properties, he and his workers might have to step on her property to get the job done. The OnlyFans model then threatens to call the police on them and asks the neighbor, Linda to intervene.

"I don't know where the property line is," Linda says. "All I know is I want a French drain." The owner then urges Jay to call 911 so they can "settle this." "Don't tell me what to do," Jay replies before threatening to sue them. Jay is later filmed kicking the pipeline while the workers try to lay it into the drain.

The video ends with the owner getting emotional over the incident and praising his crew for the way they dealt with the situation. Twitter users are now urging OnlyFans to terminate Jay's account and end its ties with her. Watch the full clip below: