Police University: Airdate, Spoilers, How to Watch, and other details of Krystal Starrer KBS Drama

F(x) member Krystal will be working with an investigation team in the new KBS drama Police University. The mini-series will focus on a complicated case that captures the attention of a former detective and a university professor. He will work on that case with a group of University Students, and the show will follow them as they focus on their jobs.

For Krystal, Oh Kang Hee is a character who will help her return to her youthful self. Kang Hee will also help her to get a clear picture of two contrasting sides of a person. She said her character is different from her, and it is one thing that attracted her to this project.

"She is confident and straightforward. Although she appears tough on the outside, she can be fragile when it comes to someone she likes or the family she loves. I am acting while thinking about how to express to viewers those two contrasting sides of her. My job and dreams are different from Oh Kang Hee, but I think we share the sense of wanting to be more just," she added.

Police University
A poster of upcoming KBS drama Police University. Twitter/KBS Drama

Here is Everything to Know About Police University

Story: The mini-series will explain why a genius hacker joins the Police University. It will also show his transformation from an aimless youngster to a responsible member of the investigation team. It will also focus on the back story of a first-year student at the University. She is a judo athlete who works hard to achieve her dream of becoming a police officer. Both the characters will team up with their professor to investigate a complicated case.

The K-drama will also focus on the struggles of youngsters as they gear up to face real-life challenges. According to cast member Cha Tae Hyun, the mini-series will feature the hardships of students and their mentors in the police academy. Every character in the drama will have to deal with certain difficult situations, and they rely on one other during those times.

"Through Police University, we plan on showcasing the 'real story of youths that is not always just beautiful. We hope to make viewers relate and feel touched through their growth in which they sometimes clash and sometimes get discouraged. Above all, the drama uses the special space of a 'police university,' which many people have been curious about, as the background, allowing viewers to feel a fresh new element of fun, so please anticipate the broadcast," the producers teased.

Police University
New KBS drama Police University will premiere on August 9. Twitter/KBS Drama

Casts: The central characters are actor Cha Tae Hyun as an experienced detective, and a professor at the National Police University named Yoo Dong Man, B1A4 member Jinyoung as a student at the University named Kang Sun Ho, a former hacker, and f(x) member Krystal will portray a first-year student at the University named Oh Kang Hee. All the three characters will investigate a case together.

The other cast members are Lee Jong Hyuk as law professor Kwon Hyuk Pil, Hong Soo Hyun as judo professor Choi Hee Soo, Kang Shin Il as Public Administration professor Seo Sang Hak, Song Jin Woo as inspector Park Chul Jin, Kim Young Sun as Oh Kang Hee's mother, Lee Dal, B.A.P. member Yoo Young Jae, and Chu-Young Woo as students.

Police University
The upcoming crime thriller drama will feature actor Cha Tae Hyun and B1A4 member Jinyoung in lead roles. Twitter/KBS Drama

Promo: KBS has released several promotional photos and videos of the upcoming crime thriller drama. Some of the teaser images feature an unfriendly relationship between a professor and his student. While a few other stills tease the relationship between the onscreen couple. The promotional photos also feature the transformation of the lead characters.

Meanwhile, a promo video shows the first meeting between the three lead characters and their relationship. Another short clip features the characters' lives at the Police University. A teaser also shows the onscreen romance between Krystal and Jinyoung in the upcoming crime thriller drama.

Release Date and Live Stream Details: Police University will premiere on KBS Monday, August 9, at 9.30 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel.