Police summon Taeyeon to shed light on 3-way car crash she caused

Taeyeon was driving her Mercedes-Benz car in Gangnam, Seoul past 7PM when she crashed it into a taxi.

Taeyeon as she enters the police station for questioning screen capture from Channel A video on YouTube

Girls' Generation member Taeyeon was summoned by the Korean police for investigation regarding the three-way car collision she caused that injured three people last November 28.

The singer was driving her Mercedes-Benz car in Gangnam, Seoul past 7PM when she crashed it into a taxi, which was apparently waiting for the traffic light to change. As a result, the taxi bumped into an Audi car and suffered severe damage. Taeyeon's crash injured two taxi passengers and the driver of the Audi.

"Today at around 7:40 pm, Taeyeon, who was traveling for a personal schedule near Nonhyun-dong, was in a traffic accident due to her careless driving. She feels sorry to the drivers and passengers of the taxi and will do her best to deal with the accident situation," said

SM Entertainment.

Taeyeon was wearing a hat and a long coat when she arrived at the police station accompanied by three people.

She admitted to the police that she caused the car crash, saying, "While I was driving, I couldn't see the front of my car clearly and got into an accident."

"I will do my best so the victims can recover as soon as possible and are also compensated," she added.

A Korean media outlet quoted the police as saying that Taeyeon told them she was not looking in front of the car because she was manipulating the dashboard while driving.

Some suspect that her dog might have caused the crash but Taeyeon denied it, saying, "My 3-month-old dog was in the car but it was sleeping inside a pet carrier. The dog had nothing to do with the accident."

The police said Taeyeon will not be facing criminal charges as the crash did not fall under the 11 types of gross negligence of the Korean traffic law.

On her Instagram, Taeyeon said she "apologized to the taxi driver but the others did not want to come in contact with me.. I'm saying this because of a misunderstanding. I'll drive more carefully. I'm sorry I worried you."