Girls' Generation's Taeyeon involved in 3-way car collision

According to the police, Taeyeon was driving her Mercedes Benz when she crashed into a K5 taxi, which then bumped an Audi.

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Korean group Girls' Generation member Taeyeon injured three people when her car rear-ended a taxi in Seoul on Tuesday night.

According to the police, Taeyeon was driving her Mercedes Benz when she crashed into a K5 taxi, which then bumped an Audi.

The two passengers in the taxi and the Audi's driver suffered injuries and were sent to the hospital for treatment. was also hurt in the chest because of her car's air-bag.

SM Entertainment issued a statement Tuesday to apologize for the accident.

"Today at around 7:40 pm, Taeyeon, who was traveling for a personal schedule near Nonhyun-dong, was in a traffic accident due to her careless driving. She feels sorry to the drivers and passengers of the taxi and will do her best to deal with the accident situation," it said.

The agency said, "Taeyeon is returning home and is in stable condition. We apologize for causing worry."

Taeyeon in her car after the accident
Taeyeon in her car after the accident Screen capture from TV Chosun video on YouTube

However, a netizen, who claims to be one of those injured in the car crash, posted her version of the accident on Instagram.

"I really didn't want to post something like this after an accident but I just have to because I'm so angry. She rammed into two cars at a stop. The windows of the car in the middle all shattered, the airbags busted, and all the glass pieces pierced into our bodies and clothes but just because the driver is a famous female idol, they were telling the other victims to wait and trying to take her to the hospital first," she wrote.

The netizen further claimed, "When I asked if the taxi driver could sit in the emergency truck for a bit to calm himself, they wouldn't allow him because the driver (Taeyeon) had to get in the emergency truck."

But the driver of the tow truck refuted the claims, saying Taeyeon did not ride on the emergency truck but in her manager's car to the hospital.

"Also, Taeyeon didn't get on the emergency truck. She didn't even go near it. Her manager came and she was transferred to the hospital in her manager's car. The alcohol level test occurred right away when the police arrived. Taeyeon, the taxi driver, and the driver of the Audi all took the test and it was revealed no alcohol drinking was involved," he said.

He added, "It's true the taxi driver was bleeding but he was busy taking care of the insurance and pushed away the emergency crew, saying that he's okay."