Threat to humanity in 2018 are not asteroids or aliens but something completely unexpected

sun and earth

In 2017, conspiracy theorists all around the world vehemently claimed that rogue planet Nibiru will hit the earth on September 23, causing massive destruction. However, the day went by quite uneventfully. Again theorists have started talking about two other big threats expected to shake the earth in 2018.

According to the World Economic Forum survey, participated by more than 1000 experts, this year will be dominated by environmental disasters, illicit trade, cybercrimes, and widespread involuntary migration. 2018 will also see a rise in political risks, which may escalate into open conflict between various nations in the world.

As per the survey, extreme weather events will be the biggest risk in 2018 and the experts did not rule out the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction during this year. As the tensions in the Korean peninsula is escalating day by day, experts believe that the possibility of a war between the United States and North Korea is very high.

In the survey, experts were asked to name 30 dangerous risks, which will impact our planet very badly in 2018. Most of the experts who took part in the survey unanimously voted that weather events and drastic climatic change will create chaos on Earth in the coming days.

In 2017, earth witnessed a rise in natural disasters. While Hurricane Irma and Harvey hit the US, a mammoth earthquake created immense damage to men and property in Mexico.