Police Officer Filmed Having Sex with Adult Star on Car Bonnet Gets to Keep His Job, Rules Court

A police officer in Ireland was filmed having sex with an adult star on the squad car's bonnet in 2017 and a video of the romp made it to several websites.

The video showed the cop being on duty and wearing his uniform getting steamy with adult star Carla Smith also known as Carla Gabberlover and handcuffs her before performing intimate acts.

Carla Smith Carla Gabberlover Ireland Police Sex

The officer's face is hidden in the video but he is heard saying a number of explicit phrases to her about her body such as ''You've been a very naughty girl'' and asked her to move in certain directions during the act.

The Police Commissioner, Drew Harris, decided to fire the officer for misconduct and misuse of power after the video was out and removed him from his position.

The young officer has since then moved court to keep his job and has been fighting to reverse the Commissioner's decision after his dismissal, which included a major internal disciplinary probe that stopped short of sacking the officer.

Internal Disciplinary Probe

The internal disciplinary probe had ruled that the officer could be fined of three weeks pay and not be fired for his misdeeds, but the Commissioner had asked the officer to resign straightaway.

The officer, who is not named due to security reasons, has won his case and the High Court has gone in favor of his appeal and ordered in a judgement that he gets to keep his job.

''He has finally won his case. The Commissioner lost in court and that is the end of it,'' a source told the Irish Mirror. The source also claimed that the officer was ''delighted'' to have won the legal battle of keeping his job.

The adult star in the video, Carla Gabberlover, originally hailing from the United Kingdom, had at the time visited Ireland and had become an overnight sensation after its leak in 2017 and garnered fan following for her risque acts in public with a police officer. However, it is not known as to how the two met and got to know each other.

Also, in 2017, several journalists bombarded Carla with questions about how she got to know the officer and she replied in one of her Instagram stories saying, ''We are on the brink of World War III and all you can think about is me. Seriously, come on.''